Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This morning saw the first frost of the descent into winter. It got to be a bright, blue cold day and in many ways my perfect weather. Too bad there was no time to be spent actually out in it until way too late. Wasn't aware of the US term "buy-out" as being the same as redundancy until I saw Season Five of The Wire. Never did the two plus two to equal four. Generally that would mean takeover here I think. So near, yet so far. And no "fanny" quips from you folks in the cheap seats either... Whatever goes down in the Yoo-ess of A next Tuesday, there are dimly-lit days ahead for sure.

I always remember being in Stockholm one November and it was brighter and bluer than I recall anywhere being and it snowed all the way to the airport. Anyway, that city is hosting two very different but related exhibits over the next wee while. I imagine that if you stay there you might well know about them. However, there's always a chance that you don't so here goes.

Robert (100% pot success) Johnson has curated a Record Store Bag exhibition that's taking place at the city's finest music emporium Pet Sounds right now.

In a gallery of a different sort, Johan Ödmann has his amazing pictures on show at the address on the flyer below. I'm trying to get an English blurb, but locals will dig the gist...

And while we're talking about that fine Swedish city, check out the Pitchfork report (with photos) from the Hello Saferide showcase in NY last week.

That's your lot for this evening. Chores are beckoning. I'm not saying I'll attend to any of them but who knows...