Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ok, some stuff that I've come across lately that I think might be worthy of your valuable time,. They certainly diverted me from more pressing tasks...

HAPPY BLUES - great short interviews and stuff. Some with folks very close to our hearts.

This "alleged" phonecall to WFMU is a bit contrived but oughtta tickle you regulars also. It takes a wee while to load but i hope you reckon it's worth it. (Thanks to Mr Ulf for the link).

On the subject of Mr. U, he's got the FEBER and he'll be sharing it come October 19th.

Mr McLean is responsible for the next couple, GRUMPIER OLD MEN is something I'm totally down with and the terminology therein is dangerously close to what passes as reality in the day to day.

Also GLASGOW SURVIVAL, absolutely not office-friendly or for the faint hearted but damned funny.

My SF-based friend Marcos Sorensen designed the iconic Ask Jeeves logo and some pillock wants to can it. Read more about that and badger the idiot in question via the SAVE JEEVES BLOG

While Murray is somewhat flabbergasted by my liking the 'feldy, he was good enough to pass on this RED INVASION link. Nothing you haven't heard before but cool '77 NY punk sounding glam from MA.

So that should keep y'all goggle-eyed for a while. Hasta la eyesight...
In and around the fact that I don't seem to be able to manage my time to any great degree lately, there's been an upsurge in the amount of blog spam that's coming in. Lord knows it takes me enough time to respond to real messages at the minute that shit like this just makes me want to can the comments facility. Blogger has a feature now that can fox the automatic generation of this shit but I know how annoying it is when I'm checking hotmail and that kinda thing kicks in. It's good to receive comment om posts but would you still use it if you had the hurdle of letter and number recognition to go through in order to leave your tuppence worth? Let we know.

WEASELMANIA - out now!
Just returned from the Teenage Fanclub show with the same "bummin' heid" that's been bugging me all day. Also squeezed in a Tesco visit. Shopping is almost bearable when there are just a few people around. Of course there are the little arseholes that race around the carpark playing their alleged "music" at tilt volume but the only ones they're harming are themselves. One can only hope that they'll escape their pointless treadmall existences at some point but most of them appear to be too gormless to even contemplate so radical a culture shock. This is NO FUTURE in action.

But anyway, a busy FTH saw Laki-Mera open the show. I didn't catch much of it but the fractured dance nature of it didn't really come across in such a large setting. It's their third show ever apparently. I'm not sure if this is the first time that Malcolm Middleton has played his hometown but it might be. Full band in tow. I never warmed to Arab Strap but find his most recent solo outing, or what I've heard, to be fairly agreeable in a bleak sense. The third song is full pelt rambunctious folkabilly. Heck it practically rocks. TFC overcame the teeting troubles with the sound to deliver their patented beyond Big Star chimes. I always remember the old 13th Note where they played with Lx and the version of Telstar. It was indescribably mind blowing. But anyway, this was a good show. Norman appeared to be going though a consultancy about his hair with a section of the audience. Not sure what the outcome was. A guy behind me kept shout-mumbling "The Con-sepp". When they launched into it he damn near had a puhleery. A triumphant warm up to the Euro-jaunt which will see the troops travel from Paris to Seville this very weekend. I hope it turns out to be every bit the adventure Gerry expects it to be. There should be a gig in town like this every Friday night. Where people will travel from Glasgow and Edinburgh to a properly curated event like this. It could happen. Or could it?