Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This month's MONORAIL FILM CLUB screening! -
TUVALU, GFT, Sunday 26th April at 8pm.
Hey, check out Brother Joss having a good ol’ mump over at the Rock Backpages blog. There’s a lot of other neat stuff over there too.

Site visits are on the rise and it doesn't appear to be with regard to Stewart's encounter with "Blackburn's finest" either. The reportage in recent days with regard to YouTube views and that particular phenom makes one think that it's all perhaps a wind up. C'mon, it must be? It makes me wonder about these "hit" statistics and how they correspond with the "hitee" responds to what they find.

Here the mechanics are simple. I want you to check out the material and maybe act upon it as in spreading the news or maybe even buying something or seeing a movie. Website traffic is another tool in the arsenal of the professional snowjob artist as far as I'm concerned. As any attempt to join up any publicity for anything gets more fragmented by the day, it's difficult to get anybody to sit still for any reasonable duration.

I’m just listening to Dave Alvin cover “Dynamite Woman”. I’ll take this guy’s work over all your Dylan’s and Young’s anyday. Hearing him tear through this Doug Sahm tune is a joy right to the jews harp outro.

Let’s see, what else should you be checking out… oh – there’s an exhibit of the sterling photographic work of Stephanie Chernikowski at Morrison Hotel Gallery Bowery, 313 Bowery New York, NY 10009. Recognise that address?

(thanks to Randy and Martin for that info)

And there's The Couple - Pt. 2 over at JD's... (18th April entry). Epic writing. If this guy was properly published then I'd read books!

Two days, two great new videos. Not to mention a stew of amazing scopitones courtesy of Bedazzled TV. Who needs the fresh air when you can stay in and watch stuff of this calibre? Incidentally, the "explicit" here refers to a little swearing although those of a nervous dispoz should note that Adiam is messing about with ciggies and guns during the course of this video...

Possibly not safe for work... the new Matt and Kim just like nature intended!