Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I’m going to try something here, just to see if it’s still possible or if I can still do it, perhaps both.

There are reasons why I haven’t been around these parts much lately. Something happened that really took the wind out of my sails but there are positive aspects to the horizon. I booked my ticket for the Loney/Jordan/A-Bones bun fight in April. And much more imminent is the arrival of wir ain Ms Laura Cantrell to Glasgow this coming weekend for Celtic Connections. She has her own (sold out) show on Sunday and is also taking part in the Dylan tribute (Monday). It’ll be good to see her and hopefully there’ll be news on when her Kitty Wells tribute album will be available.

There’s a brand new Eric and Amy track on the latest episode of Radio Free Song Club...

I’ll attempt to take up the slack on what I haven’t been doing this past while but it could take some time to gather any sort of momentum. Add the ongoing work on the bunker (that I wish had never started) to the fankle and the urge to scurry off into the sunset (or should that be moonset) is high.