Thursday, June 16, 2011

Although I had contact with Imants (Krumins) I can’t claim to have known him. He’s one of those that I always figured I might run into though and I consider him to be the Brian Hogg of Canada. I bought my first copy of Teenage News at Compendium in London and never considered for a minute that I’d sell my fanzine in there too. Finding out about his passing on Friday was a shock. After Bruce told me, I’d been thinking about something to send him in the hospice and never really figured on anything because to me, he had everything already. In some ways – my being in Norway, attending the House of Rock extravaganza. That’s something he might have done. So when I saw Ken (Fox) at the venue I told him, knowing that he and the man had some form from the days in the trenches out there. Chris’s obits on both Imants and Shane Williams are heartfelt. I know that leery blighter doesn’t want us to think he has a heart but it’s cool he let that guard down. Bruce has also written a great tribute here and I should dedicate my advanced years crowd surfing exploits to Imants.

I’d lost touch with Shane in his recent years on the outside too. I remember sending him some Boonaraaas postcards after the Punk Rock Kongress but not hearing anything back. Sometimes I wondered if he was still on the outside so this news was pretty bamboozling.

A week ago from tonight was the start of my House of Rock extravaganza and I'm still buzzing. Maybe over the weekend I'll get to documenting or more likely be in a strop wishing I was still there. I'm off to see "Cedar Rapids" tonight. Just one chance to dance with this one.