Wednesday, April 01, 2009

RIP - Duane Jarvis

I'm stunned that I can't find a YouTube clip to give you a taste of this guy's work so here's Lucinda singing a song that they wrote together. Of course, you can go to his myspace but I figured there would be something more tangible... also, Amy Rigby remembers DJ..

Short and sharp. None of these are April fools and they have little or nothing to do with G20 which up until now was a Glasgow postcode...

Today is this print relative of this blog's 32nd birthday. Who'da thunk it? March was the second highest "hits" month since records began. That's statistics, not them black round things some of us are obsessed with. Gracias for continuing to visit or howdy if this is your first pitstop.

Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales will be hitting up Austin this coming summer, full details here. Grab your tickets fast.

"Melodramatic popular song" duo, Two White Horses album is out today. More about that in due course...

Excellent, personal Lux recollections... at Popshifter (courtesy of nimereht/staysick)