Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Had a moderate Friday feeling last night because I'm off today. Doing the tour guide thing around auld reekie and heading up and down the nooks and crannies to partake of the odd hostelry or three. There could be some of that Sassenach dish known as haggis involved but that's not clear at this juncture. I've still to assess the dietary requirements.

It's funny. This thing going out on facebook at the same time as the blog must confuse people. It's a little like those cable channels that repeat all the time. Seems like there's no escape or respite. Perhaps both.

Which brings me to the point, the "Playing with the Past" event that I missed due to a conflicting schedule during the Film Festival is to be given another airing too. On August 22nd (a Saturday, methinks). Must get a ticket for that sorted out.

The weather would appear to have taken a turn for the better despite the driechness yesterday. The building site appearance of the toon is somewhat unsightly through the drizzle that's been coming down of late. We might even make it down to the peedly parliament, who knows.

I shall be off the air completely for the remainder of the day and will check in with anything worthy on the flipside. Maybe.