Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yeah, yesterday turned out to be a bit thin on the blogging front. I headed into Glasgow to drop off an Eating Raoul poster at GFT. The good burghers of the Monorail Film Club have seen fit to screen this fine movie at their next event, scheduled for November 29th. I don't care what size the telly you watched the dvd is, you haven't really seen it until you do so at the cinema. And this isn't one of those where the audience will irritate you, this a safe haven from the scumhordes. To my experience.

I didn't report on Friday night's jaunt to Edinburgh either. "Telstar" kind of sidelined me and while I enjoyed it I guess, it wasn't quite what I expected. The "performance" sequences in particular were a tad "Phoenix Nights", however authentic they might feel.My advice, should you wish to take it, is to lower expectations and when you see it - you might be surprised.

The Edinburgh thing was fun although The Lurkers did their damndest to fork that up. Did they really play for an hour? It certainly felt like it. "Shadow" wasn't funny then and it's possibly less so now. I was prepared to give it a chance but it soon descended into purgatory. And not in a good way. Penetration I'm pleased to report gave a much more satisfactory exhibition. Nice to meet Pauline after many, many moons. I have to state here that I was never really an afficianado of the band but they certainly deserve some kudos in terms of history. It was all perhaps a bit too "roots of goth" for me back at the time although they did, and still do, retain a bit of old Detroit.

It was busy too and many there were saying how they'd waited 30 years for this very evening. By my estimation they weren't shortchanged. Plan is to record some new material and get some perspective on what's happening. They don't seem to be in any hurry to tour the arse out of their legacy. A good move I would say.

Down the road apiece, Saxon and Anvil had been rocking The Picturehouse. I saw a pretty smashed Lipps from the latter trying to hold on to a pizza box as fans had their pictures taken with him and I presume another guy from the band. Not Rob Reiner though. I didn't recognise this one from the film. Concensus on the train seemed to be that these guys trounced Saxon. If you were there then maybe you'd like to disagree. Dunsy was there, I know that. I salute his appetite for this particular brand of deconstruction. Of course, during all of this my heart and soul was with those who were grooving to The Fleshtones in Spain. As I write, I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Matt and Kim in Glasgow, two weeks from today and maybe even KP!

Right now I'm wondering if I can be bothered going to see the Terry Gilliam "Dr Whassname" film. Maybe's aye but then again...