Thursday, February 22, 2007

There's only one thing better than this live Fleshtones DVD and that's to catch them in person. Where of course, you can pick up a copy of this fine momento of what is easily one of the greatest live acts on earth. They'll happily administer that super-rock jag that at the following venues...

24 March - Magnetic Fields, Brooklyn, NY
11 April - Grand Mix, Tourcoing, France
12 April - La Coope, Cleremont Ferrand, France
13 April - La Nef, Angouleme, France
14 April - Gagarine, Athens, Greece
15 April - L'ampli, Pau, France
17 April - Astrolabe, Orleans, France
18 April - Le Plan, Ris Orangis, Paris
19 April - L'autre Canal, Nancy, France