Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not sure what could be more perfect than a Hallowe’en matinee of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein at the Bo’ness Hippodrome but not much in my estimation.

The Coal Porters with Captain Sid Griffin are in Edinburgh – or Leith rather – tomorrow evening at The Village. The Sunshine Delay are opening and it starts at 8pm.

As well as everything else that’s going on in the big fankle, I’m trying to arrange work in the bunker and it’s proving to be a giant pain in the arse. There are less daylight hours, it’s heading into winter, yada yada and the flesh and spirit are vying for which is the least willing. I’m sure I’m not the only one with experience of this.

But we gain an hour on Sunday when the clocks go back, how's that for a spurt of optimism? Or postponing the inevitable??

All hail to the King...


It's maybe not the most halloweenish thing you could do this Sunday but the film club has lined up a potential gem. We are screening Timothy Neat's rarely seen Play Me Something and have the director in attendance.

Neat is an uncompromising Dundee-based auteur and academic (an amazing character really) and as far as we know Play Me Something is his only full length feature film. The film, set in Barra and Venice features John Berger and Tilda Swinton, and will be introduced by David Mackenzie, who is a massive fan.

At the airport on the island of Barra, a small group of people await the delayed plane to Glasgow. Among the local passengers is the mysterious Stranger (John Berger) who captivates them with a story of love set in Venice.

'A singular, groundbreaking and beautiful piece of filmmaking.' The Herald.

Play Me Something
Timothy Neat, 1989

Monorail Film Club
Sunday 31st October, 7pm

12 Rose Street
G3 6RB

box office: 0141 332 6535