Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boll and indeeed ocks. Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric tomorrow at The Half Moon in Putney for those of you in London and then on Friday, Amy will be back in NY at the Seaport Music Festival with Robbie Fulks! You lucky blighters in the vicinity of either of those better cut along.
Well, it was back to earth with an almighty thud and a clip around the ear'ole for good measure today. I told Toto that we weren't in Stockholm anymore. Anyways, life is short and filled with stuff and tomorrow night (Wednesday) i'm going to be on the The Late Tom Morton between 11 and midnight or thereabouts. The show runs from 10.30pm to 12.30am. I hope those who tune in will find it entertaining. I think you can e-mail when we're on air and all that. Tom will be in Shetland, I'll be in Glasgow and it'll all be comin' atcha via Aberdeen. The music is guaranteed to include Hello Saferide (our collective new favourite "band") who hit the Swedish Pop Charts at #4 this week. You can see the video for "The Quiz" via that link. See that you do.
A pretty funny link regarding tattoos c/o Tony Slug. Not sure how many of you NBT readers are into shares, options and all that. But investing in companies developing ways to remove tattoos is the way to go IMHO... Just think how all that tribal or flamin' dice shit 'll look like 20 years from now...