Friday, September 25, 2009

RIP - Rhino Records?

Jings, this takes me back...

Dammit! now why did I think this was in October??

John "Hoppy" Hopkins in Glasgow... tomorrow (26th September)

To quote a favourite songwriter of mine, “Today’s word is dejected”. However it’s Friday and that brings tacit relief for a wee while at least. A conversation I had about stuff and the hoarding thereof the other night has made me think that the recycle bucket will be receiving a hearty feed over this period. It’s more likely that I’ll find a bunch of stuff that will drain up the precious time but you never know. I will do the Mojo thing though so stand by for the word on that. Is the general malaise something to do with the ongoing Mercury retrograde or just par for the course?

I'd become a communist and drop the hell off the map if I could pick the commune.

Anyhoo, I just saw Brother Patrick report to Staysick that The Sonics will play Paris on December 7th.

I keep meaning to post a link to Chuck Miller's great Cramps blog.

Something else that I've been meaning to do is make you aware that Play Loud! could really do with some folks ordering The Monks dvd and other stuff direct from them so that they can keep making quality gear in the future. Lucia and Dietmar have fallen victim to the occupational minefield of a distributor going down the pan. DO NOT download their wares from any of these bit torrent sites or wherever, make an effort to prop up these stalwarts of cool popular culture out yonder in Germany. If you don't then you won't get to see their Martin Rev dvd...

And getting out of here but remaining in that fine country, the lady in question that penned that opening line back there is in Munich tonight and Hamburg tomorrow. Hello Saferide is one heck of a night out and could well reaffirm your faith that it's worth plodding on.

I'm going to attempt some reviews over the next few hours. Some of them will be very short in line with the average attention span these days. Mine included.