Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Which member of the New York Dolls are you?

You're Billy Murcia!Poor Poor Billy M. Your Hot, talented, and OH SO tragic. You like to drink and party AND fight with people, (this gets you into some trouble sometimes). You don't always make the best choices but youre still wonderful, original, and the best of your time. Youre the type everyone needs, and misses dearly when youre gone. Congrats man, you're almost perfect.(Billy Murcia was the original drummer for the NYD who tragically drowned while intoxicated sometime during a party (he took the night off from hanging with the band after a vicious and embarassing attack by David Jo, soon after Jerry takes the floor but things are never the same, loved by all he proved to be the personality AND the crisis).
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RIP: Billy Preston
Tarnation! According to the timepieces around here, that last missive should have been an ol' 666 special but mysterious forces (of maybe dodgy clocks) threw it off course. This final attempt at making such a ritualistic posting is clearly something that the de'il is making me dae. Or whatever.

Spooky, this one was sent taking into account the time difference and according to the blogger clock, it was the same as the computer time. Now I'm spooked. It obviously wasn't meant to be. How could this have happened? Maybe it'll blow up into a major news story by the end of the day?? And then again, perhaps it willnae.

Fuck it. I'm in the huff now.
So here we are, the end of the world, some person called Auntie Christ is said to be making an appearance right about now, and there's a remake of The Omen to help it along. I'm surprised its not a Public Holiday with Hallmark cards to help it along but hey, y'can't have everything. Or indeed anything. Anyway if we're still around, here's a date for your diary...

"...16 (stone) forever! THE CAMPUS TRAMPS come out of the closet for a bit of hi-vaultage "hows your father?" rock 'n' roll at the CORN ROCKET CLUB london on the 12th August. It'll be an afternoon set, before the band heads off to witness THEE MIGHTY COYOTEMEN do battle with THE NIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE that very same night at the DIRTY WATER CLUB...'n' if the Tramps can manage to still speak to each other after the show they MIGHT drag their fat arses to play the ROTTERDAM RUMBLE when September comes..."