Thursday, December 22, 2011

T’was what? Four? maybe three days before Christmas and I’d been let down with a gift that I was trying to sort for someone. I guess I let them expectations rise a little high. Strange - because generally, I have no such thing. Either that or they are so low as to be as good as none. And here’s another case in point with regard to keeping all that on the DL. Because, in the main, I find that being let down is such a common occurrence that I’m not sure why it should irk me so much at this point.

I’d like to know if there’s a course or a seminar or something – where one can learn the art of letting people down. Oh, I’m sure that I’ve disappointed folks but never knowingly or wilfully. Usually it involves being an arse or just plain stupidity. I really don’t like to let anyone down though to an almost pathological degree. This can go from something that I say I’ll do to something as simple as punctuality. An obsession bordering on a condition.

So there’s the creek, where’s me paddle. Of course, the individual has not a scoob of what was on the cards so no harm done there but they would have dug the no-show a lot better than the M + S voucher they could well end up with.

However all was not lost and I did indeed find something, from a place not far away. And what’s more – the service and level of assistance was utterly exemplary so there are still exceptions to the rule out there in the undergrowth. It temporarily restored something I’m currently lacking, the commodity called faith. Hope and especially charity took off a long, long time ago. More about the source of the “goods” after the coast is clear (Sunday).

Which brings us to farcebook’s latest wheeze – “timeline”.

I rather stupidly jumped in them there rapids and have regretted it more or less ever since. What was I thinking? Well, not much obviously. I never spotted that it did indeed have shades of myspace which I’d forgotten ever existed. But yes, some switched on individuals have indeed twigged to just that. The processor on this PC can’t deal with much of anything anymore and the bugger just seizes up depending on what it’s trying to do. There doesn’t appear to be any means of reverting back to the common or garden farcebag timewaster.

I kvetch about this rubbish but there are way bigger fish to fry. Call it a coping mechanism or a diversion or whatever you want. The only thing that matters is that it’s nearly Friday. Don’t really care for Chrishmish but I’m open to cajoling. I’m not a cynic and prefer to think of my aversion to bullshit as realism. This consideration finds me as always largely in the minority. Colour me Grinch.

The Cramps box will be making its way out into the world right about now and I hope that Ivy will take the existence of such a beast to be the green light to get the archives in gear. I mean, if there’s this much excitement about stuff that’s been available before, imagine the appetite for unseen, unheard stuff.

For my own part it brings closure. I won’t write about the band again unless it’s to celebrate the release of a book or a video comp and wouldn’t ordinarily have been involved with a project like this but it marks the reason why Munster exists and how a bunch of us all met and became lifetime amigos. We’ve stayed sick as the credo suggests but hopefully the turning blue is some way off yet.

I’m off from the 23rd until January 5th. At this point in time, the canvas has a little light pencil here and there but nothing that couldn’t be erased to make way for something else. See you in Auld Reekie tomorrow nicht maybe? Tramline??