Friday, July 31, 2009

So far, no rainstorm of biblical proportions as was forecast but this could all change within an instant. No big plans this weekend but a fair supply of little ones. Let's see if I can counter those with the slightly lost/detached vibe that is currently clouding my judgement.

I was looking at the end of the month stats as one and this is shaping up to be the second biggest ever. February when Lux up and left was the highest. And talking of which, “Karl” sent in this image from the town of Söderhamn (in Sweden), “about 13 miles from the Brainbombs hometown Hudiksvall”. Apparently there is said to be a Sky Saxon wall there also.

In a related note, this weekend Scandanavian Garage jazz monsters, The Thing are in Edinburgh. They kick up quite the racket to the point that experiencing their ouvre first hand is not unlike standing or sitting in front of a jet engine. If I was in any sense of the imagination financially flush then I’d be heading for Perth this weekend. Pretty solid bill for the town’s Southern Fried festival including Los Lobos first-ever Scottish appearance taking place tonight on a bill with Booker T. Lucinda tomorrow.

So before I take off to start taking care of them "little things", I'll leave you with a new JD King story and this link to a pretty good sounding combo brought to my attention by David Brogan – Stolen Hearts. Wonder if they’re Barracudas fans?

And finally... Adiam Dymott in Berlin but as we're in Germany, why not check out the Beat Club archives too. That oughtta keep you amused...

Thanks to those who got in touch re - the Sam Phillips thing. Guess I didn't recall he was dead or maybe I thought he was still alive. Definitely the latter (probably).

No idea what I was on last night but I also typed Mike instead of Mick Medew. (Thanks to Craig for pinting out this errant clumsiness). Must try harder...

I'll be back way on the other side of 6am with what's coming up other than the forecast of torrential rain and of course it becoming August. It's just two bloody months until the clocks go back. So apologies for the misfires, plain and simple divotism, what can I tell ya...?