Sunday, June 28, 2020


It's time to hear those records play!

Hard to fathom that it’s been 7 years since the previous Yum Yums record but you know what they say about time flying. As an antidote to these times, this sonic vaccine will be available right around now and a quarter of a century later, Morten Henriksen has gone full ChinniChap and even manages to twin Moss Rock City with Bellshill here and there. 

“She’s Got Everything” is the best Teenage Fanclub song that Norman (Blake) never wrote. An upbeat shindig that'll fasten a dirty big grin across the coupon of all that come into contact with it. "Coupon" is a Scots expression for face.

Available on vinyl from Screaming Apple (act now because those will vanish fast) CD version is coming via Rum Bar (USA)Waterslide (Japan) and House of Rock (Europe)If it's a download you're after then Rum Bar and Waterslide.

It's typical that their first UK show ever has had to be postponed however, the 2020 edition of Pump It Up! will be rescheduled as soon as direction to how that can happen becomes available. Ditto for a celebration in the wee Norwegian idyll where it all began. Meanwhile, you’ll have FTATP so you can work up your moves ahead of time. See you ‘doon the front’ when this distancing malarkey is abolished, ideally in the company of Ms Gry Hartvigsen.