Friday, December 09, 2005

Don't forget the Mose Allison documentary on BBC4 tonight at 9pm then again at 2.30am (Saturday morning). I think it's on again Sunday also (late, going into the wee hours of Monday). They bumped the duet with Amy apparently. Daft but what could one expect. The main thing is that it's on and the music will tower above the pontificating by Mose fans. The thought of Jools Holland giving a demo of the Mose style would be funny if it didn't creep me out so much. However, this is the guy that's done it all and started the whole enchilada. All hail to the king!

Update - Well it could have done with another half hour at least but this was a largely satisfying endeavour. There's a decent balance between Mose himself and his "famous fans". Further clips can be found here including Amy's duet on "Was". This cut will appear on her forthcoming "Everything And Nothing Too", out January 30th 2006 on Shoeshine.

Mose will be in London with his trio at Pizza on the Park from 13-23 January 2006.