Monday, July 19, 2010

It’s been a bit damp out this way today. The inevitable torrents presented themselves and it’s a whole lot fresher out in addition to the obvious inconvenience of trying to get about in such conditions. The “flash flood” seems to be something that has only come about in recent times. Drainage systems get overwhelmed easily, I’m not sure we get more rain, it’s just heavier. Not really something that concerns me because I’m indoors for the night. Hopefully a week from tonight, conditions will be better for the Moon Duo shindig.

Not sure why I send myself messages about buying viagra and fake rolex watches. I never buy any so you’d think that in that case, I would have removed myself from my own mailing list. Or maybe it’s subliminal? I mean, I’m daft but there’s a limit. This is what I hate about even going near a computer. The bombardment of pish like that. Even although it ends up in the spam, it takes seconds of my existence flushing it out. Seconds that amount to minutes and ultimately hours that one will never be able to redeem. Memo to any of the halfwits that are involved with such material, or that might be thinking about leaving a comment with regard to their wares on this particular post. Don’t. Or maybe by that I mean die. It’s easy to confuse those two when the irritation has gotten so blistery and it’s seldom those who deserve the latter that actually take that route.

Well I’ll be hornswaggled (with a bit of luck), the bloody sun has gone and shown it’s face...