Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It must be St Andrews Day. There's a programme about Harry Lauder on TV tonight.
Don't think i'll bother with the Mel Gibson facepainting today though. Amy Rigby in Glasgow tomorrow, now there's something to look forward to...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dunno if anyone remembers the Sixties/Indie club Magic Bus that became Scooter in the mid 90's but the man responsible for playing the Seeds and Manfred Mann at such nights, now cloaks himself under the name of DJ Astroboy and guests at MONDO a GO-GO in Edinburgh this Saturday 3rd December. In the Loft at The Venue, Calton Road. 11pm-3am.

Due to Hogmanay the next Mondo will not be until Jan 28th, so its your last chance to catch some GO-GO action of 2005. Admission discounts are available for Xmas nights out with a group of 10 or more, contact

(note the underscore)
Had a lot of communication today about the latest raft of R&R Hall Of Fame inductees, it was even on the Drivetime news. All part of the “corporate hospitality” vibe. Professional form-fillers flexing their committee, er, muscle. It’s maybe good for the acts in question to have a bit of a piss-up but it has less than fack-all to do with rock’n’roll as I understand that condition. The same way as "the best R&B album in the world ever" doesn’t have a morsel of r & bleedin’ b on it. The HOF is like the Queen’s birthday honours list and “awards” in general, these things seldom, if ever, go to deserving parties. If they do, then it’s by accident rather than design. “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated” – part 517b.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

You'd think that girl + lap steel would add up to some strain of alt. country, right? Well wrong-ola! Megan Hickey is The Last Town Chorus. A sort of apocalyptic, desert-fried Mazzy Star-esque mood music that can be starkly haunting one minute and downright ethereal the next. A beautiful, sometimes brutal soundscape. Her fragile cover of Bowie's "Modern Love" could really open this up to a wider audience but you know how flakey hipsters can be. By the time the album is ready in Spring of next year these songs should be ready to fly. This is sparingly cinematic bordering on church-like.

There's a free show tonight at Mono (8pm) in Glasgow should you fing yrself in that locale. Catch her before the bush telegraph glows red-hot.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I put this together last night and got sidetracked from posting when Larry Sanders came on. Hey now, it can happen…

Porchsleeper hail from Detroit and until my big nee’bur Per of Hagred sent their second album my way I’d never heard of ‘em. They sound like a Southern-fried Replacements channelling NRBQ to come up with a very superior forward-looking twist on the trusted bar band formula. Anthemic, infectious, there was a time when this stuff could have ruled the world and hearing this, it feels like everything is possible. Of course, we know that’s a crock but it’s good to remember from time to time, what it means to believe. Let this Midwestern combo indulge you in some classic American pub rock with a little pedal steel seasoning as heard on “The Rub”. They also reinterpret The Cure’s “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” like you never expected to hear it, indicating that there’s a couple shots of suss bubbling away amidst the suds.

Future Pilot AKA has a two song taster for the forthcoming “Secrets From The Clockhouse” album just out on the Creeping Bent imprint. It’s a timeless pop chestnut that would have lit up Top Of The Pops if that was still a valid showcase. “Eyes Of Love” features Stuart and Sarah from Belle and Sebastian on vocals in it verily snaps, crackles and pops like The Herd Vs Roy Wood on 2-Tone. Heck, this might even be 3-Tone? Recollecting a golden age when the single was all-powerful. Enchanting isn’t a word I’m prone to cough up but this is all that.

The Plaintiffs “La Familia” is the latest release on Career Records outta Bozeman, MT. Headed up by Seattle-ite and Longshot Joey Kline, there’s a sprinkling of BOC sounding fairy dust evident from the get-go that hits my buttons square. “Final Chance” has a metallic twang and a quasi-spaghetti western type storyline. There’s a cool tongue in cheek humour which pervades the songs and keeps them outside of the pastiche farm. These guys had fun cutting this and that feeling is caught here. They’ve got a lot of chops and they’re not afraid to ham them up. “One Eye Open” is Blue Oy-ska Cult and asks the question “what’s that sound?” Fookin’ entertainment mate, remember that? You will if you get a couple of shots of this baby across your bows. “Can I Ever Get Away With Anything” is a 21st Century Gene Pitney with a spot on Phoenix Nights and “Happy New Year” is my pick for ushering in a rollocking zero 6. Let’s hear it for the Pacific Northwest.

Messer fur Frau Muller’s “Triangle, Dot and Devil” on Aerocccp is dressed in a trim little digipak that wreaks of class. This Messer Chups related soundscape is perhaps a little more “commercial” than it’s twisted exoticabilly relation but no less jaw-dropping. These Moscow-based miscreants are making music that will be ahead of it’s time in the next century. These guys know how to score and surely it’s just a matter of time before they get hijacked for a major ad campaign. From the rubber stamp fetishism of the jacket art to the knowing throb of the grooves, it’s hard to convey exactly how entertaining this is. Les Baxter and Martin Denny transported out of this world and into another where the original Cramps blueprint is the only religion. This is instro and it’s mental. In equal measure. (Note - This blogger text doesn't recognise the proper text. Not even copying from word).

Wee Rock Records is a Springfield, Mo based label which has recently put out The Gentleman Callers “Don’t Say What It Is”. A quality selection of garage punkin’ tuneage that should appeal to those who recognise that the trick of serving this stuff up in 2005 is to inject a healthy dose of themselves into the soup. Sometimes authenticity just isn’t enough and I can report that these gents seem to have given up a couple of their souls to retain a sense of identity. A snotty, swirling primordial groove. “If You Want Me To Love You Again” was recorded for Kopper’s St. Louis based rock’n’roll radio show “The Wayback Machine”. And who the chuff cares if “Square Peg” is just a reconstituted “I Can Only Give You Everything”. At this juncture on a Friday night? Not me.

asteroid b-612’s “Reading Between The Lines” has been revitalised and reactivated by No Tomorrow Records. In keeping with that stable’s services to the R&R community, they’ve cut and shut this collection to prove in no uncertain terms that this combo weren’t just another bunch of antipodean stoogealikes. “Lines” plots an arc of stratospheric rock action. There was a lot of light and shade amongst the bombast and the slow burners like “Still Waiting” are arguably more potent than the straight-out faster and louder songs. In a sort of Reigning Sound sense. The bonus tracks include covers of 19th Nervous Breakdown, Brother Roy’s “Second Cousin” and a Mirror Blues/Final Solution wind-out. An old legion rock spectacular paying homage to some roots that didn’t often show.

That's yer lot then. Charabang leaves for the superfugginmarket in 10 minutes. Don't forget The Last Town Chorus shows in Edinburgh (tonight) and Glasgow (tomorrow). Of course, I'd love to be tearin' up with them Nomads in Helsinki tonight but 'tis not possible. Stand by for news on a public meeting regarding The Cameo debacle this coming week - but later, OK? A haggis breakfast awaits...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Still futzing around with this e-mail trouble I've been having for over a week now. Can't seem to get to the bottom of it at all so the whole system may have to be zapped and reinstalled. Before I do real damage and necessitate such action anyway. Not an appealing consideration but needs must, etc. Blogger at least allowed me to upload images this morning so that's something. The icy arctic blasts we're promised in this part of the world along with everything else make hibernation an option. Further north, they're taking a real pasting. In this period of inefficiency, it's certainly an attractive proposition.

Add a couple of dollups of the severe "cannae be arsed" virus and you'll get an idea of where I'm at circa November 25th 2005. Hopefully our US friends have had a good ol' Thanksgiving bash or two over the pond there. If it gets as cold as they're predicting we'll be able to skate over there in a week or two maybe... or then again, perhaps no'.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

in The Boston Music Room
178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park N19


These girls graduated with honours from the Rock’n’Roll High School (old boys including The Ramones, of course) and then spent a salubrious term at the Academy of Tragic Melodies (the Shangri-Las‚ finishing school, in case you didn't know). Looking like they’ve just stepped out of a Russ Meyer movie, these four girls with big boots, big hair and very small skirts rip through a handful of punk charged sixties go go groovers, delivering a mix of punk and garage rock with pop hooks and attitude a plenty. This is fun with a capital "F". Their last gig of the year so don’t miss it!

Despite being been formed for a mere five months, they are already the hottest band in New York. Coming across sounding like sixties girl groups and Motown, filtered through the attack of garage rock and anthemic punk'n'roll they've got the songs and the attitude to take on the world. Catch 'em early before the real hype starts as they take on England this November.

Yes! Another all girl combo! From Japan! These teenaged garage pop rockers hail from Hamamatsu and have been described as The Shangri-Las meet the Ramones with a healthy dash of the Clash (and, it goes without saying, truckloads of cuteness!). Formed in 2002, they came to the UK for the first time last year after a British group on tour saw them and persuaded them that they had to come over here. On that first visit they toured with the Priscillas and became firm friends. So who better for them to play with this time around?! On their more recent visit earlier this year they toured with the Briefs and won over a legion of new fans, including Captain Sensible (who invited them to support the Damned on their Japanese dates later in the year). This gig coincides with the release of their debut album on Killer Records.

Formed in 2002, the Heroes mix the melody and song writing of Screeching Weasel and The Queers with the speed of late period Ramones. After spending a year or so playing locally, honing their set, they released their debut EP, "Bigger Than Jeebus", and then toured throughout the UK. Their debut album is out in the summer of 2005 on Killer Records.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not a lot of time at the moment to populate this thing due to one thing and another. Haven't got to the bottom of the e-mail hiccup either which is getting to be a right pisser. But anyway, looks like I won't have to spend a half hour scraping the ice off the car this am. The lull before the alleged (snow) storm. Just so long as I get stranded here and not at the dreaded stalag. Weather permitting this weekend, check these shows out... of course any kids in the Helsinki area will be going to see The Nomads. Correct?

"The Last Town Chorus will visit the UK next week for a few shows. Megan's first solo dates in the UK... lap steel, voice and a digital thing.

+ 25 November (Friday) - London, England @ 12 Bar Club 9PM. Produced by Comes With a Smile magazine. With James William Hindle.

+ 26 November (Saturday) - Edinburgh, Scotland @ Henry's Jazz Cellar . 8PM. With Denghis.

+ 27 November (Sunday) - Glasgow, Scotland @ Mono 8PM"

Saturday, November 19, 2005

RIP - Link Wray. The rumblin' man is gone... (I'm not at home right now and the only articles are in Danish and Spanish that Imants Krumins supplied via e-mole). Ben Gart for the info. Sleeve is a NORTON RECORDS release.
In keeping with the things falling apart theme that's going on around here, I seem to be able to get e-mail in but not out. Not sure what the chuff is up but it be getting worked on. So if I don't respond to something I should get back on then that's your reason.

Can anybody out there send me an mp3 of The Raveonettes "Christmas Song"? Just for use while I procure an actual copy. Just tried to buy it from an it spat the dummy because I don't have a zip code. Funny that because I'm in the UK you donkeys. No dis to the four-legged variety intended. This would have been my first digital buy but they can go and stick it now. There has to be an efficient, easy way to distribute downloads don't you think? The crumbling vestiges of the old music biz simply don't wash anymore. Bob Lefsetz should be in command of the next generation.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Some music to chew over until some equilibrium is restored...

The Morells anthology “101 Songs about Cars, Girls and Food”, a 4cd set of live material featuring those Springfield, Mo. veteran rockers kicking it up like practically no-one else can. Limited to 500 numbered copies, everything you need to know about the history of rock’n’roll is burned into these shiny circular tablets. The curator of this fine collection can be contacted here…

“Stoneage Cameos” is a tribute to the Hoodoo Gurus “Stoneage Romeos” featuring the songs re-told by 21st Century Aussie combos. You may well ask what the point is but it’s a consistent recreation, with not a lot being added to the originals. SC has The Spazzys performing “I Want You Back” but the standout is “My Girl Part 2” by Spiderbait. There’s a cheeky wee update of “Be My Guru” by The Persian Rugs and an avoid at all costs rogering of “Leilani Part 2” by The Sailors in a Blue Monday treatment. Neither decoration or owt else.

4 two-cd sets of material that have been collated by the Swedish Feber (Fever) journos that boast a wealth of treasure and conduct a grand tour of music in a mixtape style setting. You may not enjoy all of it all the time but, like a well-programmed radio format, there’ll be something along in a short time to get those juices flowing. These Amigo Musik collections encompass "Folk" (Andres Lokko), "New York" (Mats Olsson), "Sweethearts" (Lennart Persson) and "Mainstream" (Jan Gradvall). "Sweethearts" is a girls singin’ soul comp and my hands down favourite but the others have much to commend also. Some inclusions will leave you scratching your head but for the most part, it’s fun to just go with the flow. "Mainstream" is the weirdest one, with Leo Sayer rubbing shoulders with The Raspberries and Todd Rundgren, go figure but it works.

Google Feber Compilations and you should be able to find these. The Amigo site had nowt when I looked.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The uploading of images seems to be knackered again. I've had umpteen goes at loading the poster for Friday's GREASE MONKEYS show at The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College Of Art on Friday coming (18th) but it's not working. But head along for a good pummelling why dontcha...?

Update at 6.47am 17/11 - It's working now...
This Cameo thing is really bugging me and has prompted consideration of the following. Based on the ramifications of business and the murky worlds that inform it, this might be completely naïve but here goes…

Couldn’t the Filmhouse mount a campaign to buy the place and absorb it into their portfolio? It would be good to see independent cinema grow and not the multiplexes.

What if everybody who objects pitched in to buy The Cameo and run it as is? Maybe even as a club whose members would support it?? Big Sean could make an investment instead of wasting his money on the SNP?

Judging by what I heard on the wireless this morning, this application has been made by the seller, City Screens. Their angle is to set up the equivalent of 4 home cinema systems to take over from a world-class screening space. The representative of the seller tried to make a case for their proposal but failed to mention that they hadn’t actually applied for a Change Of Use for the building. This could offer hope

Whatever, there are rumblings now that Edinburgh’s great family cinema, The Dominion is not long for this world either. The demise of these two East of Scotland establishments is not progress. More like slapping a band-aid on a festering wound. I figure that the Edinburghers would be better trying to sort out Princes Street and leave The Cameo alone. Quietly doing more for the place than a whole boxload of Hogmanay shennanigans.

Anyway, some further tactics for the campaign which is gaining momentum...

Please note the following:
1. Shortcut to the facility to object to the application.

2. It's absolutely vital that everyone who objects completes the Comments box on the form by making a specific objection - if you leave it blank or make a general objection then your objection will not be registered. It's best that your objection is on a technicality rather than about the loss of the Cameo as we know and love it (which would be ignored). Here is a suggested objection: (please vary wording!) :

I object that this application is being submitted under Listed Building Consent when it is a clear CHANGE OF USE application. The proposed use will be as a public house with film screening facilities, not as existing cinema with bar facilties.

3. It is also essential to write to The Clerk of the Licensing Board, 343 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PW as they have approved the first stage of the licence to turn it into a pub, without any questions. They must be pressured to recognise that it is not a simple extension of the existing Cinema Liquor Licence but instead an application for a public house licence.

The deadline for all objections is December 9th.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Nomads will play Helsinki on Saturday 26th November as part of the Flaming Sideburns 10th Anniversary Blowout. No doubt limbering up for their assault on Slovenia (and Croatia?) in December. (Thanks to Kalevi for the info)

The natives are getting restlesser.

SAVE THE CAMEO. It's your duty as a cinemagoer!

If you aren't, it's your duty anyway.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The lack of action here is (hopefully) only temporary. Stand by for further details. Or don't, as the case may be. Your patronage is important to us but you don't need to hold. Just come back later.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

How could Edinburgh Council even consider letting somebody turn the Cameo Cinema into a "Super Bar"? Read about it here.I don't have time to go off on one here about what I reckon to such a proposal but I'll be lodging my disgust with the relevant parties.

If you're from around here, or have ever visited the place during a visit to Scotland, then you should too.

Also in the capital, STUDIO 24 is still in trouble and I'm not sure how long The Venue will exist in its current mode. Things are not good.
From Murray Ramone...


In the early 70's, rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya purchased a portable video recorder. In a period of three years they shot over 40 hours of New York Dolls footage. Now for the first time ever this footage is unveiled. This feature length documentary captures the band during early performances in New York at Kenny's Castaways and Max's Kansas City, then follows the Dolls on their tour of the west coast, including footage from the Whisky A Go Go, the Real Don Steele Show, Rodney Bingenheimer's E Club and much more. Intercut with revealing interviews, backstage banter and late night debauchery, this is THE definitive document of the New York Dolls.

Song Titles:

Human Being, Bad Detective, Subway Train, Personality Crisis, Trash, Vietnamese Baby, Lookin For A Kiss, Jet Boy, Who Are The Mystery Girls, Private World, I'm A Hoochie Koochie Man, Great Big Kiss, Babylon, Frankenstein, Chatterbox, Pirate Love, Down Down Downtown, Pills

Other Info: Label: MVD, Running Time: 230 mins. Region Code: 1 Format: DVD"
"You are most cordially invited to join Shane Faubert, Jeremy Lee and Gary Pig Gold
as THE NEXT BIG THING kicks off the 2005 New York INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW Festival with their very good pal indeed, DAVE RAVE on Thursday, NOVEMBER 17.

The BAGGOT INN, 82 West 3rd Street (between Sullivan and Thompson) NYC
212 477-0622"

Friday, November 11, 2005

A missive from Mr Spence...


You've got the opportunity to hear the Grease Monkeys without having to leave the
comfort of your own home and rubbing shoulders with the great unwashed!

We've got a live session on Vic Galloway's "Air" show on BBC Radio Scotland this coming Monday, 14th November. The show's from 8.05pm to 9.30pm, and you can find it on the dial at 92.4 - 94.7FM, 810MW (585MW, Dumfries). We'll be "showcasing" some tracks off our next album, as well as talking shite (no doubt, awkwardly) with Vic.

Also, we've got a few gigs coming up just after that, here's the lowdown....



FRI 25TH NOV - GLASGOW, STEREO w/ THE NUKES (Scottish Hobo Soc. show)


...further details nearer the time. Okay, tune in Monday night - drop off after yer coco! 'til then, Adios! ......................Jim & the Grease Monkeys"

Those in or near San Francisco should head for the S.F. rock & roll filmfest this weekend. Main features are All Kindsa Girls and Edgeplay, plus live entertainment by the Flakes and Tina Luchessi.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Alle Macht der Super-8 - Berliner Undergroundfilmer stellen sich vor Catching a Glimpse of West-Berlin Subculture, 1978-1981

"West Berlin at the end of the 1970s: a new generation is looking for the truth of being amongst the debris of the past. The "nouveau sauvage" (Neue Wilde) establish the Galerie am Moritzplatz, the SO 36 opens, and bars like Schizzo, Café Mitropa and Risiko turn the night into day. Everyday life turns into art, and art becomes mundane. 'Nothing is true – everything is possible' is the sign of the times. The films of Alle Macht der Super8 emerged at the margins and in the middle of this transformation. Super8 technology was cheap and easily available. Anyone could work in this medium without expertise or investment. Anyone could materialize his own subjective view of the world and share it with others.

In 1981, these films were collected by a man called padeluun, himself a movie maker, musician and network activist. What emerged from this was Alle Macht der Super8, a nine-hour long compilation of these films that went on tour through West Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the same year.

This DVD presents twelve Super8 films, selected from the original programme and newly restored. Also featured are Knut Hoffmeisters Deutschland, interview clips, and original documents.

These films speak about the paradoxes of a movement that never was a movement and never wanted to be a movement. Alle Macht der Super8 – Berliner Undergroundfilmer stellen sich vor gives a glimpse of West Berlin subculture in the years 1978-1981: radically subjective, riotously funny, without compromise."

01. Pommes Frites statt Körner, Yana Yo FRG 1981, 5:24 min.
02. Ohne Liebe gibt es keinen Tod, Ingrid Maye & Volker Rendschmidt, FRG 1980, 4:35 min.
03. Der Elefant vom Potsdamer Platz, Peter Fischer Piel, FRG 1980, 7:35 min.
04. Berlin – Alamo, Knut Hoffmeister, FRG 1979, 8:50 min.
05. Hammer und Sichel, Walter Gramming, FRG 1978, 4:31 min.
06. Don´t forget to leave the highway, padeluun, FRG 1979/80, 6:58 min.
07. Underground USA, Ika Schier, FRG 1980, 5:39 min.
08. Die Enthüllung des Phantoms, Hella Santarossa, FRG 1978, 8:28 min.
09. Handlich, Ruza Spak, FRG 1980, 8:53 min.
10. 3302, Christoph Doering, FRG 1979, 14:35 min.
11. Nur Geld ist aufregend, Axel Brand & Anette Maschmann FRG 1980, 11:58 min.
12. Darum oder Was erwartest Du?, Jürgen Baldiga, FRG 1980, 6:12 min.

Bonus Material
Deutschland!, Knut Hoffmeister, FRG 1980, 21:15 min.
"Alle Macht der Super8" - Interviews of Yana Yo, Axel Brand, Knut Hoffmeister and padeluun (12:30 min.)
Catalogue "Alle Macht der Super8" (1981) PDF
THE DIRTY WATER CLUB in The Boston Music Room, 178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park N19



Chris Wilson joined The Flamin' Groovies to replace the departing Roy Loney as lead singer and spearheaded their proudly Anglophile masterpieces, including Shake Some Action, Flamin’ Groovies Now! and Jumpin’ In The Night before going on to form The Sneetches. Bringing things up to date, Chris has now moved to London and joined the ressurected Barracudas. With appreciation for the Flamin’ Groovies as high as it’s ever been, Chris figures that there are enough people out there wanting to hear the songs that he recorded and played on during his time with the Groovies. So with the most rabid of fans on board, including members of The Scientists, The Barrracudas, The Scoundrelles and Silver Chapter, be prepared to hear note- (and attitude) perfect renditions of such favourites as the aforementioned, as well as Slow Death, You Tore Me Down, Between The Lines, When I Heard Your Name and many more classics besides.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Scottish District "Cooncil" wants to nurture "oor" musical talent. Why do I find this so creepy? Politicians and pee-hee'ers, not a recipe for success in my experience. However, the 21st Century Jackie Dennis may be preferable to some of the derivative bollocks that the "young yins" indulge in. Those with a phd in form filling will be only too glad to steer them toward oblivion.

Guilty until proven innocent it is then.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The upcoming Scottish shows by Amy Rigby are her first UK outings with a band.

But not just any band, several of the same combo that'll be bringing the ol' Dirty Water Club down this impending Friday.

Tony Thewlis, Rob Coyne and Yan Quellian will be joining Amy for what will hopefully be the first of many. A little bit country and a whole heapin' helpin' of rock'n'roll. Oh yes! You can do one or both, 1st December (Glasgow) and 3rd December (Edinburgh). Take yer pick.

Pictured this afternoon just a couple o' miles down the road from HQ while out there havin' fun in the warm november sun. Maybe this global heathing thing ain't such a bad deal after all...

MORE INFO! If Amy Rigby wasn't here that weekend then we'd be there!
Why, it's a regular outer space adventure -- Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. style!

Wednesday, November 9th / Rodeo Bar / 375 Third Avenue (corner of 27th Street)

From 10:00 until 1:00 / No cover and we'll be joined by Baby Maria & Rosalie Morris!

Thursday, November 10th / Otto's Shrunken Head / 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) / From 8:00 until 10:00 / No cover!

Hoping to see you in orbit, Michael "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, November 07, 2005

"Hey folks,

Hope your Halloween was as much of a rave from beyond the grave as the last Sonic Reducer, which saw a kool crowd of crypt kickers grooving to the mighty pagan dance musik of yer ever-lovin' 'Reducer Tag Team, plus a toothsome set of tunes from our spectacularly be-caped guest DJ, Sean Prince. Like, too much, dad!

And thanks to the marvy Ace Records for providing five copies of their terribly awesome Halloween comp, These Ghoulish Things, for our special competition. The lucky winners of this fiendishly great set no doubt found it handy on the 31st, for keeping genuine horrors like Jamie 'Wolfboy' Cullum at bay ...

Next Saturday's Sonic Reducer will be less undead, musically, but still kicking like a zombiefied mule, boasting our patented mash of soul, funk, punk, garage, junk, bunkum, rock-a-billy, slack calypso, graunch and raunch, plus a slight paunch ...

Speaking of which, remember that you get a FREE shooter with every pint bought 7pm-8pm, if you're wearing yer FREE Sonic Reducer badge. So come down Liz Hurley, grab one of these fabulous pinback creations, and get a good run up on yer evening.

There's also Sonic Reducer Tag Team action on Friday night at the esteemed Dirty Water Club, where we'll be proudly spinning some platters prior to the live debut of Chris Wilson & His Famous Groovin' Flames! This heart-stopping combo boasts not only the champeen Groovies' vocalist himself, but also members of The Scientists, The Barracudas, Silver Chapter, and Mean Vincent. Expect righteous versions of Shake Some Action, Let Me Rock, Slow Death, and many more great Groovies grooves!

Stay tuned for our special Sonic Reducer Xmess Thang night, and what's more, a mind-blowing set-up for New Year's Eve!!!

See ya at the bar!


Joss & Joe"


Sonic Reducer At Filthy MacNasty's for Free

Saturday Nov 12, 7pm-11pm
68 Amwell Street EC1. Tel: 7837 6067. Tube: Angel
Project Ability At Mono

30th November - 31st December 2005

"Monorail is delighted to announce the return of Project Ability artists, bringing colour and wild style to Mono in December.

This is our third collaboration with this unique group of artists and we are having an opening party on Wednesday 30th November at 8pm with The Pearlfishers playing live and a dj set from Teenage Fanclub's Gerard Love."

Sunday, November 06, 2005

For one reason and another, normal service is not about to be resumed today. I have an OX column to put together and plan to do that to the strains of this here MX-80 special. It's programme 347 on the real audio list and includes Angel CC and O-Type, broadcast from the fine town of Kassel in Germany.

The intention to make it to The Primevals show tonight at Mono (band onstage at 10pm)has also been scuppered.

Bollocks and thrice bollocks. These things are evidently sent to try us. And they sodding do. So, more whenever...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Barcelona Hayride

Away from the hubbub of rock'n'roll music or whatever - my bud, The Very Rev. Duane Sherwood has put together some great digital infrared images of his Brooklyn base. Completely office friendly, nothing dodgy, and there ain't much you can say that about these days.
It’s been a quick week even by recent standards and there hasn’t been too much time to spend in front of this here computer. My mind is fried with trying to sort out a database driven website for my dayjob so the last thing I’ve felt like is spending anymore time in front of a screen at home. Y’ken…

Caught the tail end of The Beat Poets set in Ashton Lane on Sunday past, what we caught was smokin’ and a welcome blast of noise pollution into the night air. Playing outside? In Glasgow? At the end of October?? Another sign of global warming mayhap???

Anyway, I’ve been getting in about The Morells set, Viva Dictators and Messer Chups “Crazy Price”, the new Amfphukt Iphano album and the first 4 episodes of Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm in between times and will report on these further in due course along with other stuff but there are a few things that I need to run by you that are comin’ in dead stick.
If you’re anywhere near Glasgow, THE PRIMEVALS cd launch for "On The Red Eye" is at Mono this coming Sunday and copies of this Last Call compendium will be available to buy at the show as will some other booty.

Those in the vicinity of Edinburgh can catch Shock and Awe with Mika Bomb at The Subway down there on The Cowgate.

And back on a Messer Chups trip, I’ve been treated to a couple of previews of their upcoming "Hyena Safari" album out soon on Solzne and it’s another sure fire belter.

So no, I haven’t absconded, more input as and when – very probably at the weekend.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

This month's releases from Ace Records include Sandy Nelson, Roy Brown, Count Bishops (yeah!), Chuck Jackson and more...