Sunday, April 29, 2007

Headed for Glasgow in a wee while to hook up with the Goofenhaus kids. One last huzzah before they go back to NYC. Can't believe that yom month of May is on the horizon. After the election on Thursday (3rd), it's widely expected that Scotchland will be independant. On Friday we'll need passports to go over the border... er. If such a thing was ever to happen then they'd probably whap up a big wall and put a big padlock on the one way in and out. Can you imagine the sheer size of arse we'd make of going it alone? Oy and indeed nor'alf. But maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised? Or proved wrong?? I did think that we could maybe go to see The Pastels but that's in Edinburgh today so I've got my bearings scrambled in addition to the ongoing attrition of circumstances. However, if there is indeed a god, then my mitts will finally connect with the Mary Weiss album via Monorail. A visit to 78 (formerly Stereo) is also on the cards. A couple of things you may like to check out meantime if you find yourself in the hoose. I should add that is not a hip hop reference. It merely means your abode in this case. Apologies to any hipsters who were hoping for the latter...

The Coyotemen celebrating Jimmy's 60th with a surftastic take on "No Fun".

Les Wadbillys.
"Get your advance tickets. The show will sell out!


Saturday, May 5- Jensen Rec Centers
Curated by Ian Brennan
MusicPass accessible; tickets also available at the door.

Saturday, May 5 the Silver Lake Film festival celebrates the rich-history of Chicano rock music in East Los Angeles from Lalo Guerrerro to War to Los Lobos. The evening will feature performances by Dios Malos, Lysa Flores (1997 Independent SPIRIT debut-performance nominee for the film "Star Maps"), Ollin, The Revolts (featuring Jonathan Velasquez, star Larry Clark's "Wassup Rockers"), and culminating with the grand finale of 1970's punk-legend Alice Bag being presented with the MUSIC PIONEER AWARD and her performing a song by The Bags for the first time in decades.

Saturday, May 5: Cinco de Mayo showcase, Jensen Rec Center in Silver Lake, featuring Alice Bag, Dios Malos, Lysa Flores, Ollin, The Revolts. MUSIC PIONEER AWARD: ALICE BAG (put alice bag in the search) (yes, come after the fight!)"