Thursday, April 03, 2008

RIP - Klaus Dinger
Readers in China (are there any?) and Japan wil be awaiting the imminent of Ms Annika Norlin and Ms Maia Hirasawa in their respective locales next week. Details can be found here and here.

The recent concert broadcast of Sakert! from Malmo last December can be accessed via this link and includes their very soulful, haunting version of The Wannadies "My Hometown". Not to be confused with the Girl Trouble or even Springsteen songs of the same name.

The skinny on Ben Vaughn's honest to god "first band". (Thanks Ben)

I still haven't watched the rest of that Strummer thing and after watching The Dictators from Randall's Island (courtesy of Brother Patrick), I might give it a miss altogether. We'll see. It's nearly Friday again and not a minute too soon, computer shenannigans are not altogether solved but we're getting there. Thanks to all of youse that have sent me yer e-mail addresses, the addy book is slowly coming together and now I know how to back it up properly. Possibly...