Friday, November 26, 2010

RIP - Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson

(Thanks to Dr H for the link)

Friday again and the festering season is almost upon us. Bit of tumult going on around these parts but it goes with the territory. It’s (Black Friday) Record Store Day in the USA and there’s a Roky Erickson and the Black Angels DVD/Vinyl release to mark the occasion. Bunch of other stuff too, no doubt the scumsuckers are up and about early hovering up these items to hop them up via a certain interweb auction conglom. That aspect stinks as I have touched upon before.

Listen, I haven’t dumped the Mojo's yet but will definitely be doing so this weekend if no one wants them. If you have a wants list then let me know. They’re yours for the postage. I’m thinking the Zigzag's might be next up for getting rid and I really don’t want those to end up in a bale someplace. It makes me a little sad to do this but “there are nae pockets in a shroud” as they say. I might go the ebay route with some stuff but I kind of hate that now after run-ins with the kind of trolls that inhabit that particular universe.

Pretty certain you’re all familiar with them.