Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OK kids, if you're heading out tonight then don't forget to wrap up warm.

Me? I'm going noplace. There's a sofa ower yonder beckoning me. Wouldn't be entirely surprised if I'm in the land of nod prior to any foray into another year. What a saddoe, eh?

Anyway, there's "Standing In The Shadows of Motown" to watch and sometime tomorrow "The Apartment". That's what passes for a good time around here, not freezing yer knackers off watching Glasvegas in Edinburgh that's for sure. All that remains is to bid seasoned greetings to you and yours for the supposedly bumpy ride that is captioned 2009. It's already here down under so give it laldie wherever you are and whenever it happens. Or not as you see fit.

Found this on 45 blog via So Many Records... and incidentally, the SMR player gremlins are a thing of the past. Dig in, I expect you'll be up for air sometime toward 2010.
I left the bunker a short while ago with the mind of getting to the supermarket before the locusts do. Part ways down the road, I was just hit by the realisation that I couldn't face it. So this is the way that 2008 ends? To add insult to injury, they're claiming that '08 will last 1 second longer than expected. Not sure about you but to my mind, it's all just numbers. There is no significance other than getting the chuff on with whatever is for me. Or for us.

Of course, it is my solemn desire that none of us have to suffer any more nonsense than that which be pre-ordained but I figure that you know what I mean here. Bring it the sweary word on!
Brother Patrick just laid this news on me....

Pour l’amour d’Ivy
par Alain Feydri

"Bien plus qu’une simple biographie cet ouvrage très documenté détaille avec précision l’univers de Lux & Ivy."

320 pages, format 15 x 21 cm incluant un livret de 18 photos inédites couleurs et N&B de:

David Arnoff, Buddy 87, Eric Catarina, Stevie Dixon, Emmy Étié, Tony Lacoponelli, Pat Melleville et Ronan Seiryen,
ainsi que 14 illustrations de Jacques-Olivier Leroy.

Prix unitaire : 25 €

(frais d’envoi offert pour toutes commandes passées avant le 31 Mars.)

Julie Production
4, rue de l’imprimerie

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