Friday, May 04, 2007

It’s been a week of peaks and troughs. It’s ended on the former because I now have confirmation of my Roky ticket but I’ll be fidgety until it’s actually in my paw. That’s how it is. And the Scottish election has been the prime example of not being able to organise the proverbial piss-up. For now though we don’t need passports to go over the border. The SNP won by one “seat”. There are some places where that means arse. I heard one guy on the radio refer to the shambles as a “Florida”. That may create a perspective for our overseas readers. Meanwhile we have to live here.

Wish I could get to the bottom of availability on the Hello Saferide 45 that’s due out next week. You can stream it here but it seems to be the best kept secret in pre-sales ever. If you’re in London or Brighton you can see them play then also. Maia Hirasawa will be there too.

And a duet between Annika Norlin and Roky Erickson might seem far-fetched but Säkert is playing Hultsfred so if there really is a god… Can you imagine those voices together? Crikey. So let’s leave it on that upbeat note for a Friday night. It’s all downhill from here.