Friday, March 13, 2009

The oxygen of publicity in any shape or form is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you believe in something then you should root for it. If you have to criticise something to create a perspective then fine but don’t spend hours putting the boot into something that would be best left to wither and die.

I’ve been following the Lefsetz/Simmons thing. One of them has a point that he’s labouring and the other one doesn’t just have a chip on his shoulder, he’s balancing an entire sack o’ spuds on there. And then there’s the two gallon drum of snake oil he’s attempting to pass off into the bargain. Meanwhile elsewhere, trails are being blazed. Acts with genuine talent are building a following, almost brick by brick.

It’s heartening to read how Matt & Kim are trouncing Cut Copy. They’re doing this via hard work and playing their fucking hearts out. The clips of Hello Saferide that I posted the other day are so great that they give me goosebumps. To me, this is the reason why I keep banging my napper bloody against the wall. Watching The Quattros at DWC last week I wondered why the hell they weren’t a household name.

I’m not down with “pee the highest” contests. The terrain has shifted and cool things can happen. No arts grants or business plans tend to be involved. When the blue touch paper is lit. So come on folks, get to rubbing those sticks together to make some fire. Then we’ll get to running the dilholes that are choking the pipes all the way outta dodge.

That RT documentary on BBC Four just now brought back a lot of idealistic, bloody-minded memories. I could do with more of that kinda jump start activity on the noggin.
When New Math were morphing into The Jet Black Berries, they were one of the first combos to embrace the influence of The Cramps. Here's a link to a recent live show that includes a stonking version of "Garbageman" from their home turf in Rochester at The Bug Jar.

(Thanks to Brother Duano for stickin' out those cans!)
DO IT YOURSELF: The Story of Rough Trade on BBC Four tonight (Thanks Martin)
This time last week I was in the pub with David, Penny and The Quattros. Good times.

This past few days haven't been quite so rosy but at least I'm still in employment. The "jaicket on a shaky nail" scenario has receded for the immediate future but who knows what's in store.

Still, things could be much worse and I'm coming around to the notion of being appreciative of what does go on. Not exactly to a stage of thinking "half-full" but quietly thinking that "it's the little things" that really matter.

I'd dearly love to make up those facebook lists of fave records and things but I just don't have the time and energy. It's fun diggin' in to other peoples gear though. there have been some great ones. Is it possible for everybody to access these things or do you have to be "friends"?

Need to make a concerted effort to get some stuff done on here this weekend too but I'm a wee bit sidetracked by the fact that I'm waiting for somebody to come and (hopefully) fix the central heating. Next week it'll be the car service/MOT. I HATE all that crap but it's a necessary evil.

Why don't things just work? And keep on going?? Is that really so much to expect???

So, time to catch up on correspondence and whatever else my limited bursts of energy allow. have a good one whatever you're up to. I'm just about to blast the Adiam album at ear-splitting volume and will provide the lowdown in due course. It's out next week...
Lux's Astral Ascension (From LA Weekly - Thanks Joss)