Thursday, November 30, 2006

JESSE HECTOR - A MESSAGE TO THE WORLD - Documentary Film Premier - London

A Message To The World is being shown at 9pm on December 4th at 242 Acklam Road W10 at the Westbourne Studios, London. Admission is free.

Press Release: 'A Message To The World'

Mutton-chopped Jesse Hector was a permanent fixture in the English music press of the mid-Seventies and the electrifying live performances of his band The Gorillas proved an inspiration to such faces on the burgeoning Punk scene as Paul Weller, Billy Idol, Shane McGowan and Rat Scabies.

Jesse has always believed in the revolutionary and rejuvenating power of music - the cover of The Gorillas album showed his band of space ace Mods hurtling towards earth on a meteorite to save the world with rock n' roll - and his belief in music is as strong today as it ever has been.

He now works as a cleaner at Hackney Empire and The Royal Horticultural Society and this documentary follows him as he journeys around London and retraces his fifty years in rock n' roll - skiffling at the 2 I's in Old Compton Street at the age of 12, playing guitar with Mod Freakbeat legends The Clique, fronting proto-punk bruisers Crushed Butler and The Hammersmith Gorillas - and attempts to find out, as the NME's Roy Carr wrote in 1977, Whatever Happened To Jesse Hector?'

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wotcha trakMARXists,

The World's First PUNK ROCK XMAS FAiR is taking place in Stockport on 10th Dec 2006 @ The Bulls Head, Market Place, Stockport - 4pm till 11pm - Admission: £1 before 6pm - £2 after 6pm.

The FAiR features the NO DRESS CODE old school punk night: dance to music you know you like, meet people you know you'll get on with, drink copious amounts of strong alcohol, buy your xmas presents, drink some more (maybe a few shorts), dance & pogo & cavort about a bit, chat up a few members of the opposite sex, drink, fall over & lose your xmas presents on the way home! Just GOOGLE "Punk Rock Xmas Fayre" - & you'll see it's never happened before! This is a unique event. People are welcome to come along & sell their own stuff - like some kind of anarchists car boot sale - groups, promoters, fanzines, studios, labels - come on down! Under 18s are welcome - but won't get served at the bar. No religious claptrap either!!

For more info:

or email -

Punk Rock Fair organiser, Miles Barter: "This is unique. I've searched the whole of the world wide web thingy & nothing like this has ever happened before. The idea is for punks to get together for an xmas party, but people can just turn up, find that present for their difficult 14 year old mohican or their difficult 44 year old aging rebel, & bugger off again. There are no rules."

Three authors of Punk Rock works of reference will be in the area on the night in question:

1) Alex Ogg will be flogging you copies of his most excellent "No More Heroes" & signing them for you:

2) David Nolan will be doing likewise with his sturdy "I Swear I Was There", the story of the Sex Pistols legendary 1976 Manchester shows:

3) Ron Watts will also be in attendance with his very own "100 Watts
- A Life In Music":
(Up The Villa!)

ALSO - a special appearance with stallage from Overground Records very own head honcho, John Esplen:

Ho Ho H Ho Ho Ho
jean encoule

Spirit is life/It flows thru/the death of me/endlessly/like a river/ unafraid/of becoming/the sea - g.corso


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It was a little sad today to hear of the death of Alan “Fluff” Freeman. I think he was the first dj that I paid attention to. I must have been about 11 years old when I first started to take an interest in “Pick of the Pops”. Scribbling the chart rundown into a jotter or notebook as AF counted it down. Yep, I was a saddoe even then and look where it got me. Tonight I heard BBC Radio Scotland’s John Cavanagh talk about him. He can do a pretty uncanny impression of him too, which was sanctioned by the man himself. They don’t make them like “Fluff” Freeman anymore.

So anyway, time marches on and those Susquehanna boys just keep on moving…

Are you suffering from a bout of post-Thanksgiving depression, dear friend?
Nah, we aren’t either, but perhaps you’d best not risk it and join us,
SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. , for our regular last-Thursday-of-every-month hullabaloo at our post-holiday home-away-from-home, Otto’s Shrunken Head Tiki Bar & Lounge. Why, our show is virtually guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. And how.

538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan, NYC /
Two BIG shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover! /

And, coming up –- our Christmas-themed offering for the season...

375 Third Avenue (corner of 27th Street) in ol' Manhattan, NYC / 10:00 sharp until 1:00 /
No cover & lotsa free peanuts! /

Sincerely yours,
Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. “Ballads, Boogies & Blues”

And I’m going to shut up about Hello Saferide in the meantime and refer you to this great Pitchfork Media review.See, it ain't just me...
RIP - Alan Freeman

Monday, November 27, 2006

Much as the concept of just hibernating appeals more than anything at the minute there's no rest for the wicked. Or the criminally cheesed-off. If there was a prize for the person least likely to get anything together right now then I’d scoop it hands down.

Got a wee bundle of vinyl to sift through here but i've got a problem with my turntable. Also been trying to figure out whether or not the bloody jukebox is fixable at all. My will to live ebbs and flows. Heavy on the ebb.

Caught Everett True's Nirvana book event in Edinburgh on Saturday. It wasn't a conventional launch but it was pretty entertaining. A strange venue too, The Forest Café in Edinburgh. More about that when I get to grips with the tome.

Later, The Drams (who used to be Slobberbone) played at The Bongo Club. The record is good but the live scenario left me pretty much unmoved. Best parts were a tune that sounded like Roky Erickson and a version of “I Am The Cosmos”. Openers, The Porch Song Anthology sounded fairly promising. A couple of them used to be in Telstar Ponies with Mr Keenan.
Monorail Music and Mono are extremely pleased to announce this year's Project Ability exhibition which opens on Thursday 30 November at 7pm. The fantastic Bill Wells Trio will perform live and Norman Blake and Duglas T. Stewart will dj. This event is free.
Project Ability is one of Scotland's leading specialist arts organisations, working with children and adults with a learning disability, people with mental health problems, and others who find it difficult to access mainstream activities. The output is spectacular and brilliant - raw art fans will go nuts for the latest selection by curator, Alison Mitchell. Exhibition open every day, noon - midnight until the end of December 2006.

Mono and Monorail Music, 12 King’s Court, King Street,
Glasgow G1 5RB - T: 0141 552 9458
Project Ability, Centre for Developmental Arts, 3rd Floor, 18 Albion Street,
Glasgow G1 1LH - T: 0141 552 2822
Beatles painting by Ronnie McCulloch

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Nomads - Vooruit, Gent (Belgium) 25-11-2006.

It's stating the obvious that we here at NBT like the Nomads... A lot!... Just check the recent Nomadic Dementia comp and try 'n tell me there's another band out there that's been doin' it, and doin' it right, for the past 25 years. God knows how Lindsay managed to cut things down to a single CD...
Anyways, two years since I last saw 'em (in Paris), last night's show proved that (thankfully) little has changed and the Nomads can still knock 'em dead today just like they did whenever it was when I first saw 'em in Rotterdam (1984, I just checked)
It took a couple of songs before they were able to shift into third gear, but as soon as these guys are firein' on all cylinders there's no stopping 'em...
These days a "hit" is something to boost the statistics of your webcounter, the Nomads are purveyors of the long lost tradition of writing hit songs, and delivering 'em in an appropriate manner (even with Hans and Bjorne bein' somewhat worse for wear after a wild night in Stockholm)
As always, the crowd of 1200+, including the largest number of Turbojugend I've ever seen, needed some oldies to really get into things, but a brief shift into psychobilly-mode for Real Gone Lover is all they need to win 'em over. Game, set, match.... No competition....
Word from Bjorne is that he and Chips have about 16 new songs ready for a new album, and if Ain't No King Of Rock 'n Roll Tonight is any indication of what to expect, we're in for another good un'...
Long may they reign...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A message from B. F. Mowat...

"Before "Indie-rock", "alternative", "new wave" or "punk" was.. SimplySaucer IS.. I really didn't think this was ever going to happen butit's true...After a 27-year absence, Simply Saucer returns to the live stage on December 28th for a full-length concert presentation at the Casbah, corner of King & Queen Street in downtown Hamilton.

Quite simply, the Saucer was and is, the original "new music" "proto-punk" - orwhatever equally stoopid term you can think of - rock combo that wastaking their musical queues from "Kraut"-rock (e.g. Can, Faust, Neu, etc,), The Stooges and The Velvet Underground before any of that stuff wascommon currency. The only groups we can think of who were even remotelyin the same head space were the early NYC bands (Television, etc) or the early Cleveland groups (Rocket From The Tombs, Mirrors).

Starting in 1973,the group careened through six years of musical mayhem before finally imploding in 1979. Over the years, the group's reputationspread, first with the ltd (920 copies) 1989 vinyl LP release of Cyborgs Revisited, and subsequently, withy the CD reissues of same in 1991 and-most recently - on Sonic Unyon in 2003. These recordings have earnedcritical kudos world wide from such redoubtable publications as Spin, New Music Express, Mojo, Uncut and The Sunday London Times.

After a completely unplanned, out-of-the blue reunion gig on September 17th at the once-legendary Corktown Tavern (with '78-79 guitarist -and former member of Teenage Head Steve "Sparky" Park), left everyone concerned feelin' groovy about playing Saucer songs, it was felt a revamped, no-nostalgia version of the group could be assembled. (Sparky couldn't commit to this version, but he has given his blessing to the "Mach V" version of Saucer).

Original singer, guitarist , and chief songwriter Edgar Breau along with original bassist The Legendary Kevin Christoff, will take the stage with their former manager (for one, brief disastrous 1979 gig In Guelph..ask him about it!) and drummer for the Forgotten Rebels, Joe Csontos. And we are extremely stoked about our newest generation of Saucer members - watch for further bulletins for more info (e.g. gear used, previous experience, favourite colours, what constitutes a great date, that kind of thing..).

We like to think that this edition of the Saucer will integrate both the Ping Romany eraelectronics AND the dual guitar attack of the Sparky era There are tentative plans to record the new Saucer line-up , either the live shows, or some "unfinished business" (like, about 50-60 songs worth).

They also plan to perform in all of the "Original Six" NHL hockey cities (Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, Boston and New York) in 2007. Edgar, by the way, will continue to pursue his solo career - he's putting the finishing touches to Patches Of Blue, his second solo CD even as I write this - but all rock/band format will be forwarded to the Saucer desk, while all solo/singer-songwriter material will be forwarded to the solo tray.

To give you an example: "Simcoe County Country Girl" an acoustic country-blues number that dates from Cyborgs era Saucer(1975) is appearing on Patches Of Blue, while "Nice Noise", an unreleased stomper from 1977 is clearly marked for the band tray.
Also featured on the bill is the one-man electro-rock (pardon my PUN...)sensation of Electroluminescent Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased RIGHT NOW at at these stores:-
DR.DISC - 22 Wilson. 905.523.1010 (ALL shows)-
SONIC UNYON - 26 Wilson 905.777.1223. (ALL shows)-
CASBAH LOUNGE - 306 King St W @ Queen 905.521.4441
(ALL shows less Sellout Enterprises shows)
PLUS :: Hamilton East-Enders Take Note,
-- CRASH LANDING PUNK CLOTHING -297 Ottawa St N -- 905-548-0039
ATTENTION OUT OF TOWNERS...we know a lot of you Cyborg-kids will want to attend this, so we're selling ticks ON-LINE via TIXIT.CA orUNDERGROUNDROCKS. CA Tickets go on sale TODAY @ 5 p.m. For more info, view Ed's websites
PRESS TYPES: talk to Sean Palmerston @ Sonic Unyon or phone 905 777-1223 Or me, if you haveaccess to my personal e-mail/phone #"

What’s in a name? I have to tell you, that on first impressions - Lucky Soul strikes me as something that might appear on something like (sharp intake of breath here) X Factor. The e-mail that introduced me to them could so easily have been spam but it wasn’t. There was a charm about it and that particular commodity doesn’t come that particular processed meat product in any manifestation. So anyway, Lucky Soul, as it turns out is a very groovy London combo which could almost be Swedish. Such is it’s predilection for knocking out a great pop tune. They’re just about to put out their third release on Ruffa Lane. On December 11th to be exact. And it’ll be available as a 7” EP as well as a three track cd. “Ain’t Never Been Cool” will undoubtedly further cement the reputation they seem to have been building up over the course of the past year or so. With the popularity of acts like The Pipettes, then maybe the UK hit factory isn’t dead after all. Ali Howard’s vocals evoke all the great girl group singers you ever heard without actually sounding like any of them. If you ever had a soft spot for those fantastic Tracey Ullman singles on Stiff then this is for you.

The band have a tight rein on providing just the right jetstream for those to float on. Like The Maisonettes vs The Wilsations via the Rezillos, this stuff'll have you singing into your hairbrush or digging out that tennis racket from the back of the cupboard. Air guitar is not a symptom of this kind of timeless beat. LS should be enlisted to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest because then they’d have the platform to reach the people who will lap this stuff up. The “gots the magic” alright. If you look up “effervescent” in the dictionary in coming years, it might well have a photo of these folks. As ever, if you think that I’m twisting that melon of yours or whatever then the proof of this sumptious pudding is merely a click away. They’re also playing the fabulous Debaser club in Stockholm in December, see dates below…

28 Nov - The Fly
05 Dec - Bardens Boudoir
15 Dec - Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden
31 Dec - New Year’s at the Hope & Anchor
Pester your local non-chainstore, although HMV has copies of the vinyl on all three releases at keen prices. (Thanks to Seb for the info and for taking the time to alert me to their existence. Sometimes operating in one's own time/space continuum can be limiting.)
PS - The Lucky Soul shop is now open...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Turn it Down interview with the Rt Hon. Billy Miller. (Link c/o nimereht vis Staysick)
Actually everything on Rich Tupica's blog is mandatory reading...
Nice to see young people enjoying themselves... Josh Taylor's Friends Forever

(link via the e-mole newsletter)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A sizeable Thanksgiving Day (and weekend) to all our US Visitors today!

Meanwhile some of us out here in one of the old countries have to go to work...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seven days after watching Bobby Bluebell open for HS with The Poems, I just watched a great documentary on Channel 4 called Young @ Heart, about an old people's choir that packs a mean version of "I Wanna Be Sedated". Look out for it...
More about them here.

Bloody hell... there I was minding my own business and out of the blue - the message comes in that one of the best out of print albums ever has been just been released on cd.

The Unforgiven have been given a new lease of life by Almacantar Records. Time to get your local chapter of the Roverpack back in action...
RIP - Robert Altman (Thanks to Steve for the link)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mike Watt and Kelly Clarkson....?
As you know, this isn't just a source for music info. We pride ourselves in pushing all kinds of cultural info. In this instance, check out the London Review of Breakfasts.

The Stripchords - Mods Vs Rockers, this Saturday!

Well, hellloooo, auld frooties!

The Stripchords are set to face-off against Glaswegian R&B notables The Five Aces (formerly The Boogaloo Investigators) at a New Untouchables bash, Mods Vs Rockers, this Saturday nite. Said cross-subculture windingery will also feature host, Dr Robert Bailey, and insurgent greaser turntablist Cosmic Keith fighting unto the runout groove, using only the finest 45rpm ammo at their relative disposal. Captain Rex and his rum coves are supposing they're being pegged (pun intended) as 'the rockers' in this meeting of the musical mindsets, and will therefore be donning 'denim trousers', 'horsehide leather jackets' and other acoutrements of the 'coffee bar set' for the occasion, plus unveiling such new tunes as "The Punk Panther" and "Hi-Ho Hawaii", not to mention a cover of the great Link Wray's "Hidden Charms".

See you at the bar? Selah, The Stripchords

Mods Vs Rockers Soundclash - Saturday November 25th
FAB @ 229 Venue 2 (formerly The International Student House)
229 Great Portland Street London W1 9pm-3am £8
As ever, virtual vittles can be had via"
Now, I can't quite figure out if the Booty Olympics show is at Arlene's Grocery tonight or if it's tomorrow. But if you're in NY then you can check the finer detail. Ms Delran says "we just finished our new record and practiced a bunch so we'd be ready to play for you tomorrow night at 9:00. We'll be doing mostly new stuff! YAY!". Sounds like a tidy wee night out to me.
Update - It's tonight, the 21st. I went to the site and found out so you wouldn't procrastinate.

Monday, November 20, 2006

If you want to read about the new Beatles record “All You Need Is Pro-Tools” © Stewart Cruickshank or James chuffin' Bond then navigate away now. Unless of course they've signed up these guys to provide the theme song! Regulars will be conversant already with The Fleshtones “Beach Head”, the latest serving of super-rock. However, this Italian vinyl version is pressed on cool blue vinyl and it has a bonus track “Superrock Baby” which is only available here. So you know what that means…? Yep, you gotta have it. Contact Nicotine Records now and score one.

Update thanks to Ben, Superrock baby is on the Yeproc vinyl also. I'm a tube...
Due around now... on the Bone Voyage imprint!

THE MICRAGIRLS "Feeling Dizzy, Honey"
10" BONE-0061 (ltd. ed. 500 copies) - nov 06 2CD BONE-0062 - jan 07

For us THE MICRAGIRLS (from Kuopio, Finland) are just the best of their kind. This guitar-organ-drums-combo (all three singing) have gained themselves a live reputation over their native country, but also in the Baltics, Russia and on a previous short tour through Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Dressed in their exclusive, handmade Micra-outfits and white circus boots -they perform their music with an remarkably honest enthusiasm. It has never been hard for the band to win over a crowd. The vocals are squeaky and roaring, the organ is pure dementia and the guitar rips alongside the primal rhythms.

The Micragirls are what trash-garage-punk-rockarolla is all about. Mean, nasty, filthy, inept and wild - but still with a certain sophistication and coolness! They're armed with great tough songs, full of bizarre tales of meaningless mayhem. Raw primitive pounding and ripping screaming vocals with crazy unintelligible lyrics that make grown men yell for more.

Following 3 sold-out 7"s, the Bone Voyage 10" release (limited to 500 copies) is followed up by the first full album length appearance on CD (2 EPs as 2CD, consisting of the songs from the 10" (CD1) and 8 songs from the previous 7"s (CD2).

The Micragirls are: Mari: guitar, screams, Kata: organ, shouts, Risu: drums, howls

"Primitive Homeorgan Blast"
7" vinyl single (ltd. ed. 1000 copies - Sold Out) (Trash Can Records & Weera records, 2004) "Mind Twistin' Weekend With The Micragirls"
7" vinyl single (ltd. ed. 1000 copies - Sold Out) (Weera records, 2003) "Are You Insane, Girls?"
7" vinyl single (ltd. ed. 500 copies - Sold Out) (Music For People, 2002)

Upcoming shows...
23.11.06 UK LONDON / Corn Rocket Club, McBeth
24.11.06 dB's, UTRECHT, Netherlands
25.11.06 Pit's Bar, KORTRIJK, Belgium... more to come

(Thanks to Quintus for the info)

Update on London from Matthew...

Thursday 23rd November - MICRAGIRLS (all-girl organ-driven 60s garage action from Finland) + MOTORAMA (fierce stripped down Italian punk girl duo) + THE SICK FUCKS (budget rock supergroup featuring members of Black Time, Los Raw Gospels, the Chinese Lungs and Dick Johnson performing their first and last ever show!!) @ the Corn Rocket Club, Macbeth, Hoxton St, London E1

Sunday, November 19, 2006

DUTCH TREAT - The audio books of Elmore Leonard.

Podcasts by available for download. Also at i-Tunes, etc.

Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks “Traynor In Heaven For Link Wray” finds RJ and Per back in tow with former Nomad Ed Johnson for this rip roaring tribute. Few guitar players on earth are as qualified to interpret the great man’s work as the one and only “Solnafingret”. This blighter will shred your speakers but what the hey, you needed new ones anyway right? And don't just take my word for it!... check this out from a fellow Bambi Molesters fan - "This is one intense set! In many ways, it's more like their earlier recordings, full of tuff guitar noise and utterly intense energy. Two guitars and drums! This nod to Link Wray is superb! Manic, demented, and tortured... I love it!" Phil Dirt/Reverb Central Oct-2006 +++++

I’m not sure how long Dr Zero’s “Dirty Way” has been out but it’s on Dusan Hedl’s Subkulturni Azil label. This Slovenian trio are a no-frills punk rockin’ powerhouse that pummel out a nifty line in fast and loud entertainment of the never lose a beat kind. Gotta be digging that tub-thumping in “Whore-House Road”, a kind of low budget “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”.

Mondosean from the Staysick webring has marked the 30th anniversary of The Cramps by compiling a double cd of covers by a global wave of bands and individuals. Including a swingin' version of "I'm Cramped" by our own Brother Patrick. This critter ain’t for sale but you can download it at Entitled “Trash Is Neat Vol. 3 – Giving The Devil His Due”, I think it’ll pleasantly disturb you.
Brother Patrick has been tearing it up again... with The Lords Of Altamont!

"The night began rather badly : after being arrested by the police because I was driving too fast in town (naughty Patrick !, but they were cool and let me go with just a "slow down"), the venue said "sold out". Suddenly, here comes Jake (Cavaliere, LOA singer, when he's not roadie-ing with The Cramps). He recognized me and put me on the guest list. Thanks Jake! The show was great, high energy rock'n'roll (see set list), composed of the best songs from their albums and covers like Roky Erickson's "Don't Slander Me", "She Cried" and an instrumental version of a Joy Division song done a la Link Wray. The show ended with an apocalyptic version of The Stooges "Little Doll", with Jake clambering all over the audience and carrying the drum kit through the crowd while the drummer kept playing! I went backstage to congratulate them and to hand over a CD of their last Paris show from February along with a copy of my recording from the Halloween Cramps gig in San Francisco. Don't miss them on tour." Cheerio, Patrick
Christmas is thrust upon us earlier and earlier and there should be a law against that. However, stocking up on cool music that might just get you through the hard-sell bollocks without committing murder is not subject to such prohibition. As I’ve said before, I’m not particularly down with the season. It has particularly spiky reverberations for me this year but I do get a wee bit fuzzy when I hear those sleighbells and whatever.

You’re aware of Oh No It’s Christmas Vol. 1 but now I actually have a copy. Those lovely Razzia folks have curated the very thing for you. Like sonic mulled wine. ONIC kicks off with Konie mixing up a Velvet’s “Waiting For The man” kinda holiday. He’s really Martin Ehrencrona, the guy that played guitars on Hello Saferide’s “My Best Friend”. This is followed by “Ipod X-mas” by Ms Norlin and Co. Quite possibly the best festive romp since “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)” and tied with The Raveonettes "Christmas Song". The Thousand Dollar Playboys have a countrified Pink Floyd thing going and what can you say about The Soundtrack Of Our Lives? “Jingle Hell” sounds like The A-Bones and manages to channel in “Surfin’ Bird” via ouija board or some such device. South Ambulance have created a tune worthy of The Shoes in "Hangin' In A Tie". I have no idea who they are or where their name comes from but those drums rock.

More HS alumni, Firefox AK (& Tiger Lou) and Maia Hirasawa bring a quieter, more reflective interlude with “Christmas Eve” and “You Were All There” respectively. Something of a breather from the grandeur of the general janglefest. The singer in The Tiny reminds me of Noosha Fox. I guess you have to be of a certain vintage (i.e. – old) to recognise that.

ONIC1 is a pure pop feast that you’ll be able to spin long after the tinsel and parcel wrap has been consigned to the cupboard for another year. Order it here now and it’ll be with you in plenty of time for the holidays. "God Jul and (Och) Ett Gott Nytt År" to each and every bloody one of yer! I hope that there'll be a Vol. 2 next year and I'm writing a letter to that Santa feller in the hope that the HS track will be made available on 7" vinyl for next year.

In keeping with the season, The Come-Ons have a message for you…

“we have some Christmas songs available for download on our website NEWS page. Hope you have time to check them out. The only catch is you have to make a $2 donation to charity.”

But it’s for a good cause, help some of Detroit’s finest make a difference.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Sci-Fi SKANE play Notting Hill Arts Club on Monday the 20th of November.
21 Notting Hill Gate, London.

Free entrance between 6 and 8. After that 8 GBP. See you there.
Best wishes from the Sci-Fi SKANE management"
Well the gallavanting is over, it's time to knuckle down and get things done. I know, you've heard that before but maybe this time it'll work out. I know I have to get my notes for the Munster DVD release by The Beasts of Bourbon done by Monday. There are a lot of distractions but i've kinda rallied from my recent downer as a result of 2 Hello Saferide infusions. Not to mention actually getting to meet this phenomenon in the making. I'll be taking a break to watch "Monk" of course but then I don't intend to stop until "Charmed" tomorrow afternoon. A likely story? Quite poss.
RIP - Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown website

(Info courtesy of Ben Gart)

BIG ENOUGH Records are proud to announce the release of the first ever official Fleshtones DVD, Brooklyn à Paris! The dvd will consist of the band’s latest show at La Maroquinerie in Paris, France, filmed on 22 October 2006. I
was there and you can trust me: the show was smoking! You can pre-order the dvd at the special price of €23 for France, €24 for Western Europe and €25 for the rest of the World, packing & shipping included. (Note: the street price will be €25 without P&S in France). Please remit your payment to PAYPAL account This Special Offer will be available until 5 December 2006 only.

French buyers, please email for details as you can also pay by cheque.

Stocks are limited so get it while you can!!!

Release date : Mid-December 2006

Jean-Marc Rimette

Thursday, November 16, 2006

All I’m gonna say at this point is that if you missed the recent HS shows, and you lived in the immediate radius of any of them then you blew it. Everybody who made the Admiral Bar scene last night knows what I’m talking about. These are Stacey’s photos and you can see more here.

The Poems opened. Iain said they reminded him of The Paradise Motel and that’s not a bad shout.

Maia Kirasawa did a great set to a respectable relative silence. There were almost none of these nitwits that jaw through a person’s set disturbing the peace and tranquillity that this girl is packing.

The Hello Saferide combo came on, did their stuff and didn’t play anywhere near long enough but that was OK. That brass section (from Autisterna - Thanks Martina) is like an Action Combo for the 21st Century. Made me think about my old pal Gordon Spaeth. The people from Sounds Of Sweden and Dolly Mixture deserve massive props for organising the show. It’s a great spot and these people are music fans. This is what shows should be like, untainted by corporate bullshit. It may be a tad off the radar but there are supposed “real” promoters that couldn’t attract a crowd like this. That fucking wish they had this kind of cred. You can't "buy" this kind of reaction, it only evolves through trust.

Anyway, read this STYLUS magazine review and check out Tom Morton's Beatcroft angle on the HS Glasgow debut. The smart wee gif thing there is from the Stylus review.

As I type this, I’m listening to Dave the Spazz's WFMU Norton Records Anniversary show and it’s everything you expected and more. If you haven’t heard it then scoot over there. A great testament to the coolest couple in rock’n’roll and their unrelenting services to making life bearable through the greatest music you never heard. They even have Roky call in to wish them well, jeez this almost makes me think there's a god out there someplace. I remember being in Berlin with them when it all kicked off like it was earlier today.

It’s a "town & country" weekend for Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. as we travel over the East River to citified Brooklyn -- and up the Hudson to rustic Cornwall-On-The-Hudson!
46 Third Avenue (corner of Atlantic Avenue) / Brooklyn, NY / Adam Turns 26: with the Arkhams and Pete Yorko / One set at 10:00 / No cover / /
311 Hudson Street / Cornwall, NY /
Two shows, from 8:00 until 10:00 / No cover / /
Unrelated, but lest thou forget...
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30th - OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD, last Thursday of every month! /
538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) / Manhattan, NY / Two shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover / /

Sincerely yours in travel,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hello Saferide made their UK debut last night and i’m not given to random leaps of faith but I had to be there. Even although there’s a Glasgow show tomorrow, it was important to attend. Last time I was at The Water Rats was when Angel Corpus Christi blew through town. A lot of the proverbial has gone under the bridge since then.

Maia Hirasawa opened with a sweet but short set. She’s great and I’d like to hear her with a band. Another guy came on and futzed with his tuning a lot, don’t recall who he was, songs were OK but it was holding up the main event. (Update - He goes under the name, The Fine Arts Showcase and hails from Malmo via Seattle. Thanks to Stacey for the info.)

From the opening slaps of “The Quiz”, it was clear that we were in the presence of greatness. A crisp, clear sound with a confidence and perkiness that counters the bittersweet nature of the lyrics. There were two new songs, one called “Anna” (?) and another called "I Was Definitley made For These Times". I concur! The actuality of the show being better than the high hopes I had was one thing. Witnessing it was positively euphoric. Annika conducts this amazing band, Maia is a perfect foil and the combo is a like seductive pure pop version of The Hives. The brass just made the whole thing soar with a mariachi swing. I’m gushing like a sad fanboy here but it’s entirely justified and if you see them then you’ll feel it too. The projection is almost too big for the small stage that they were packed on to.

Ms Norlin, you are charged with harbouring a blatant disregard for the effect these songs might have on an unsuspecting public. And with malice aforethought the boundless charm of such material is likely to drive grown men and women (who think they’ve heard it all) into fits of complete pleasure.

Maybe I’ll be able to sort out a more reasoned report on tomorrows gig… but don't count on it.
If anybody out there has pictures from the London show then (pretty) please forward a couple…

Monday, November 13, 2006

Jump on LAST TRAM HOME, the new TJ Honeysuckle blog...
Update 14/11 - This show has been cancelled because of a screw-up on the venue front. Skedaddle along to Hello Saferide at The Admiral Bar instead...

Hey Hey Hey!!!Have we got a midweek treat for y'all this week?!!....

WEDNESDAY 15TH NOVEMBER - in the cellar bar of O'HENRY'S, Drury St., Glasgow (across the road from the Horseshoe Bar); £4; 8.30pm

Is This Music? - an independent music magazine from Scotland presents

SPOOKEY - all girl bubblegum-garage-powerpop-punk trio from Hamamatsu, Japan ..."walk like the Shangri-Las, talk like the Ramones!"

THE MEOW MEOWS - female-fronted ska nine-piece from Brighton.

THE GREASE MONKEYS - local hardy perrenials delivering cranked-up garage punk rock'n'roll ...last Glasgow show for a while.

THE BUCKY RAGE - hot new kids on the block bringing the manic surf punk to the party. Described by the Daily Record as "sounding like the Monkees doing a zombie dance".

Value for money or what???!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

OK, shows coming up in the next wee while. If you're in the vicinity, or fancy travelling then roll on along...

Hello Saferide's first foray into the UK:

Monday 13th November - Monto @ The Water Rats, London (onstage approx 8.30pm)
Tuesday 14th November - The Dublin Castle, London
Wednesday 15th November - The Admiral Bar, Glasgow

You can get the "Introducing... " album on vinyl now from "It's A Trap".

The Nomads are hitting up Italy and Belgium in the very near future.

Thursday 16th November - Milano - Transilvania Live
Friday 17th November - Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) - Transilvania Live
Saturday 18th November - Colle di Val d'Elsa (Siena) - Sonar Club

Saturday 25th November - Gent - Vooruit

Closer to the bunker here...

Gig #15 of 2006 for the World Famous Shock And Awe is coming up...
Saturday November 18th
The Three Tuns cellar bar
7 Hanover Street,
with "Rosie and the Death Threats" and all the way from Liverpool "S-Punk 7".

The Last Town Chorus will perform several very special intimate shows on Wednesdays in November in the East Village at Mo Pitkins at 7:30pm. The shows begin this week, in anticipation of the US release of Wire Waltz in March 2006. Musicians who will perform with Megan as The Last Town Chorus include Pete Galub, Alan Bezozi, Greta Gertler, Michael Gomez, and Matt Keating. Arrive early, as shows will be opened by friends of The Last Town Chorus, including Matt Keating (8th), Pete Galub (22nd) and Amy Allison (29th).

DECEMBER TOUR JUST ANNOUNCEDThis is a tour of very intimate venues, so ticket supplies are quite limited.
* 1st GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Nice n' Sleazy > TICKETS
* 2nd EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - Cabaret Voltaire
(supporting Willard Grant Conspiracy) TICKETS
* 7th LONDON, ENGLAND - The Scala (supporting Juana Molina)
* 11th PARIS, FRANCE Le Maroquinerie > TICKETS

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yaka Yaka is the password to Peter C Johnson’s cave. The latest recording to emanate from that lair is a stark reminder of this guys talent. More orator than vocalist, PCJ recites like a seasoned broadcaster. The music is at times more atmospheric more than instrumentation and the result is equal parts bleak and reassuring. Like Johnny Dowd channelling Nick Nolte or maybe if Kris Kristofferson had recorded Lou’s "Berlin". You’ll get some kinda ballpark idea of where this is both coming from and headed. A tough fragility bordering on psychosis and not a thousand miles from the sound of Dire Straits if they found themselves in a Deliverance situation. I’m not sure what a “subterranean cluster fuck” is but it’s probably not pretty. I do like the way Ardys Flavelle says it though. I also find the reference, "the best way to dismantle someone is to isolate them" that occurs in his apocalyptic take on "I Still Miss Someone" to resonate chillingly with my own journey of late.

Like Joe Meek dabbling in country/folk backdrops, the version of “Victims of the Flood” here is entirely different to the one he recorded in 1978(?). He certainly has a way with words (and sounds) that sits entirely apart from anything else you ever heard. On the site, the album is described as “one man’s story of loss, grief, confusion and redemption in a violent world”. It certainly doesn’t conform to any single shard of commerciality but it shimmers all the harder for it. At the moment it’s only available from CD Baby. I think you can listen to it there too and you should make time to do that. It’s quite a journey. Jimmy Ryan from the Laura Cantrell troupe appears on “The War Is Over”. The sparse, spare stylings of Peter C. Johnson are exactly what you need to get acquainted with over these coming winter nights. This isn’t something that’ll hit you instantly but if you give the chance then there are depths to be mined here and it never sounds the same twice.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

"MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL NEWS RELEASE Central Library Friday 24th November at 6:30PM

The Rock Journalist who introduced Kurt to Courtney will be in conversation at Central Library Find out what really happened when Kurt Cobain met Courtney Love from the man that introduced them. Rock journalist Everett True will be in conversation with journalist John Robb to talk about his book Nirvana: The True Story.
Everett True is responsible for bringing Nirvana to the attention of the masses and it was he who introduced frontman Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love at a Butthole Surfers gig in 1991. True started out writing a fanzine called The Legend and contributed to NME and went on to become Assistant Editor of Melody Maker and Editor of Vox. It was through his work with the British music press that he was to befriend the late Kurt Cobain.
He travelled to Seattle in 1989 to cover Sub Pop records and what was then becoming known as Grunge. He wrote about Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, Pavement and the Lemonheads among others and gained a reputation for dishing the dirt. However he was also a friend to many of the musicians and particularly Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in April 1994. True performed with Nirvana and is known for the fact that he pushed Kurt Cobain on stage in a wheelchair at the Reading Festival in 1992. He is also the only journalist who was allowed into Cobain's house immediately after his death. He is held in high regard by many music fans and journalists alike and has written books on The Ramones and The White Stripes. Councillor Mark Hackett, executive member for culture and leisure at Manchester City Council said: "Central Library is a great venue for authors, journalists and poets to come and share their work with a captive audience. I am sure that fans of Everett True and the music he has written about will find this event very informative and entertaining. It is certainly one not to miss for fans of Nirvana."
To find out more about the event or the Henry Watson Music Library
call Steve Shepherd on 0161 234 1976.
Just incase you don't read the "comments"... this message came in:
"I'll also be in Edinburgh and Glasgow the following two days -
Saturday 25th Eve 5pm – Edinburgh Forest Café 0131 220 4538
Sunday 26th 11:00 am at Hitherto/Tinderbox
Unit 4, McIntyre Hogg Building, 14/1 Ingram St, Glasgow".
"Greetings Friend,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. heads uptown this weekend -- in a return to the quaint Riverdale section of the Bronx for the monthly "Riverdale Round-Up"! The setting is An Beal Bocht Cafe, a warm and friendly Irish bar that serves up both a cold pint and a hot sheperd's pie, and your singin' "Round-Up" host is Karen Hudson, so join us, won't you?
445 West 238th Street (between Waldo and Greystone) / Show starts at 9:30, with SIT & Die Co. sets at 10:00 and 11:00 / No cover charge! /
Quite truly yours, Michael
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saturday Night in Stockholm... Voladoras Burlesque Action!
(Thanks to Ima Wino for the link)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dead Flowers Presents: Norton Records 20th Anniversary bash!

Featuring; The Real Kids and The Stalkers

Plus DJs Josh Styles! and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus!

Friday November 10. Early Show! 8:00 PM sharp!!! at: Magnetic Field, 97 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY. This may sell out, more info and advance tix at:
RIP: Art Wood.
"Hi all:

I'm happy to report that my biography of The Fleshtones is coming out. Continuum (the press behind the cool 33 1/3 series) is publishing Sweat: Thirty Years Of Nonstop Rock & Roll With The Fleshtones, America's Garage Band next Sept/Oct.

There will be a couple of book-release events in and around the NYC area when the book comes out. I'll keep everyone posted.

Joe Bonomo"

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Turkish Delight: The bizarro world of Turkish record sleeves...

Whilst I echo that sentiment entirely, as I told you before I'm a sucker for a great Christmas song and Hello Saferide's "iPod Xmas" is exactly that. Thanks to the good offices of Craig at Swedesplease and the Razzia Myspace, you folks can hear this festive nugget for yourselves. More about the comp when I lay my mitts on a copy... and those debut UK shows are just a week away now.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Star Spangles are back on the beat... NORTHSIX in the borough of Brooklyn!
It's been a woolly few weeks. Working all last weekend pretty much took its toll. Not much time for blogging far less anything else but hopefully this weekend I'll be able to rectify the backlog. Or at least some of it. Of course, this could all go down the pan but I am armed with the finest intentions. Meantime, Brother Patrick made a whistle stop trip to San Francisco and has filed the following report...

One Groovy Halloween Day in San Francisco

"My plan was just to go to see the Cramps and DollRods Halloween show in San Francisco and then come back to France. I was thinking of Elvis taking his plane just to go to eat his fave hamburger. As Oscar Wilde once said “when I was young, I thought that money car make you happy ... now I know it”. Now I know it too, so I’d like to become rich so I can attend more shows in the USA.

Anyway, here’s a little resumé of my trip...

Due to unattended luggage, there was panic in the Paris Airport then everything was great. Cool plane, roomy seats and a classy lady in the next seat that looked like the French actress Clémentine Célarié. After more of 24 hours of planes, airports, trains, taxis, I finally arrived at my hotel, near to the Fillmore. I called Don, the greatest Flamin’ Groovies fan on earth to arrange to meet at Amoeba, the greatest record shop in town, at the Groovies section, where else ?

In the morning, I got an email from Danny Doll Rod, asking me to call him on his cell phone. After a quick visit to the tourist area, Union Square, I called Frank Margerin, the famous French rock’n’roll cartoonist, and another bonafide Groovies fan (he even married Chris Wilson’s ex wife, ahahah) and arranged to meet him at Amoeba Records too.

I walked from my hotel to Amoeba, a long walk but a very good way to experience magic Frisco. On my way, I stopped at Jack’s Record Cellar, Roy Loney’s shop, 254 Scott Street (another Flamin’ Groovie as everyone should know, thanx for the tip, Jacques) but it’s only open from Wednesday to Saturday and it’s Tuesday. Haight Street is a very long street, filled with awesome shops of all kinds. Amoeba isn’t the best record shop I’ve ever visited, but it’s the biggest and friendliest one. Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead was there to autograph stuff (maybe the 563rd Dead album, I didn’t check). So Don, who looks exactly like a 1976-78 Groovie, Frank and I talked about our mutual friends or the people we like, Little Jim (singer of Wild Child, a French combo), and of course Chris Wilson. Frank told us of Chris recent troubles (he lost his visa in Spain, his health ...). Don and Frank are great guys. We all recommend albums to each other, this shop is overflowing with good stuff. Among other things, I bought an Isley Brothers album, the one with the song “Vip Vop” on it. When Frank left to get dressed up for his Halloween party, Don and I went for a beer in a cool pub. Don called Cyril Jordan to ask him to join us; Cyril said hi, but he was on his way to the studio to finish the second Magic Christian album.

We talked about Jonathan Richman, who lives in Frisco now, about Angel Corpus Christi with whom Don played/wrote songs, and, as you already guessed, about those Groovies. I had almost nothing to tell Don – well, I confirmed that
“Shake Some Action” was issued first in France and told him that Sterling Morrison (of Velvet Underground fame) all time favourite album is “Flamingo”. Here are some (non private stuff) that Don told me. Lou Reed was in the studio (he came to see producer Richard Robinson) while “Teenage Head” was recorded and that’s why Lou came back to high energy rock’n’roll. He told me that no recording of “Sweet Jane” or another Velvet song by the Groovies exist but that, maybe, he had a recording of the Flamin’ Groovies live in London Roundhouse in 1972 ! Don also explained why the Groovies disbanded, on October 31st 1981 (25 years ago to the day) : the band was supposed to play 2 shows, the first at the Best Western Miyako Inn (Where I was staying, by coincidence !) and the second at a party for film director John Carpenter. Chris, for some reason, only wanted to play one show so Cyril got angry : exit the ”real” Flamin’ Groovies. So the last show was at the Miyako Hotel and guess what : Don gave me a CD of it !!! Can you imagine a cooler guy ? The show featured exclusives like a poem by Aleister Crowley, an instrumental song, taken from Dave Edmunds “Rockpile” album (didn’t have time to check the name yet) and “Kicks” a song by Paul Revere & the Raiders. Don also gave me an unissued album by his group The Trip (from 1976) that features a ripped-off-but-as-good-as-a-Groovies-song called”The Love That’s In Your Eyes”; only 2 songs out of the 7 on this album were issued on compilations, when this record is so good that every song could have feature on the recent “Nuggets” or “Shake Some Action” compilations collecting pop treasuries from the 70’s, indeed. Don is putting together a band with members of the Sneetches : once a Groovie, Groovie forever ! My gifts to him were a couple CD’s too, including my recording of Chris Wilson & His Groovin’ Flames Paris show. Those presents really made our day ...

... but my day wasn’t finished : I headed for the Fillmore – by the way, I saw no flyer or poster in town to announce the show, even the flashing marquee didn’t announce it. Danny Doll Rod came to see me. I gave him a copy of “Trash is Neat 3” (# DDR). TIN 3 is the result of my friend Sean’s great idea of brand new groups covering The Cramps to celebrate 30 years of Crampdom. He also sent me TIN 3 # 666 that Danny kindly gave to Lux and Ivy. In my package for them, I also included the note from my friend and staysicker Nimereht in which he explains the idea of his beyond belief compilations, called “Lux & Ivy’s faves” (8 volumes so far, around 240 songs !), as well as a little mixed Cramps/DDR interview that I prepared. My questions are related to details about their tastes in music (kinda : Lux & Ivy, you like DDR, Flat Duo Jets, but what song in particular), their upcoming stuff (Margaret’s second album, Danny’s first, the upcoming DDR dvd on Munster, the Cramps “Gravest Gravy”) and a question Nimereht asked : did Lux love Harold Lloyd, his 3D photos – and what about publishing a 3D book one day, with Ivy pix, among others .... I hope that the Cramps will answer, I’m sure that DDR will do.

The Fillmore is the best venue I’ve ever seen with lotsa posters (saw 2 Cramps), photos (saw 1, Nick and Candy era) and many bars.

The merch stall sold mostly T-shirts, stickers, pill boxes, the latest albums / DVD’s by DDR / Ghoulies, but no poster of tonight’s show. Except a few gratis after the show, the only way to get one autographed was to play lottery tickets ($ 2 for 1, 3 for $ 5).

The Groovie Ghoulies opened the show with a short but entertaining and humorous Chuck Berry-esque set that was interrupted by acts like girls throwing Halloween treats to the audience from the stage:sweets, glow in the dark bats, stuff like that. The Ghoulies catchy tunes sound better on vinyl than on stage in my opinion.

Then another two chicks and one guy band hit the stage, the Doll Rods were as sexy as ever with a beautiful makeup for Margaret and Tia. Danny had blue/gray make up around his eyes and looked like a vampire zombie from hell. It was the best show of theirs i’ve ever seen (the 3rd in 2006) and included just songs from their latest and highly recommended album “There Is A difference”. Here’s the set list : Get It On / Take It Off / How Does It Feel To Feel / I Wanna Take You Home / I Bet You / We Will Ride / Let Yourself Go / Little Piece Of Leather / On The Way To School / Booty Call / Baby Say Unh ! / Open Up Your Door, with a great horny intro by Margaret.

I saw Lux taking pictures of the Doll Rods but the Cramps finally arrived, at 10:10 PM (precise, ain’t I?) : what, Lux with 3 girls? But ain’t that Harry wearing a skirt and a pompadour, yep ! Ivy took her place after spilling salt all over the stage. She was wearig a short short dress. Sean Yseult, the new bass player (of Famous Monsters and White Zombie fame) was wearing shorts and Lux his usual vinyl trousers.

This was the best I’ve seen them since the early days (I mean 1980-84) and the first I saw them in the US : Mystery Plane/My Flash On You/speaking about drugs, this is another song about drugs, Lux said to introduce Bop Pills/then, thank you , you’re sick motherfuckers, wanna have trouble before Everything Goes/Papa Satan Sang Louie/Big Black Witchcraft Rock/Goo Goo Muck, with a great intro by Sean Yseult /Human Fly, gigantic version/Sunglasses After Dark/Teenage Werewolf - at that part, Lux jokes with his broken mike stand – look at the balance on that sucker, excellent/The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love/ What’s Inside A Girl?/I’m Mean/Ultra Twist/ Lux asked if we wanna see his tattoo, pointing to his dick, that he won’t show tonight (we’re in the USA!). He also pointed out Elvis in the audience who’d come incognito, then TV Set/Psychotic Reaction saw Lux spitting wine, most of it splashing Sean who rapidly recovers her smily face. Lux teased her a couple of times, reminding me of the Fur era (I don’t think he did that with Candy). Ivy too seemed to be in a very good mood, smiling and sexy as ever/Wrong Way Ticket/Encores: Lux pointed out that it was their 30th anniversary and started an incredible version of She said, the best version I’ve heard/And then it was time to tear that damn place up; Lux stole a hat from one of the guys in the crew that was standing next to me. The crowd screamed for another encore, but it was over.

The audience put on their own show, two thirds of them decked out in full Halloween costumes. There was a girl dressed like a typical 19th century Frenchman (beret, moustache, baguette), a real jerk, that was throwing pieces of bread on to the stage – you should have seen her face when Jack tapped her on the head with a piece of the baguette she threw. I hope that he didn’t figure she was a real French dummy, ahahah.

I had another chat with the DDR folks, who were very happy with their performance (they sure should be!). Danny stayed mesmerized in front of a portrait of Miles Davis whom he really loves. I gave them best wishes for the forthcoming shows and I received a big hug in return. They were rock’n’roll stars tonight (for me, they’re a combination of the Cramps and the Kinks), they got a great reaction from the crowd which was well deserved. They are such nice, down to earth, generous people.

Before leaving, I told Jack that I’d see him soon with his band, the Lords Of Altamont, in my town, Evreux. He shook my hand and I went to have a rest before another 24 hour journey.

I know why I’m not doing drugs to feel good/better. I just have to crank the stereo up with groups like these, they’re the only drug I need. And that’s what I’m gonna do on my way back:listen to the shows. What could be more exciting than these kinds of recordings, that you can share, rather than scum collecting a rare record that will impress just another collector who’s looking for the same record, when everybody else will say “Yeah ? So what ?”

Patrick / music lover

PS : And probably, because I’m a lucky guy, on my way back from Philadelphia to Paris, I sat next to the famous sci-fi author, James Morrow and his wife, Cathy. They kindly helped me to improve the style of this little report."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Stripchords headline Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Nov 4th!

"Howdy-doody lads, lasses, and hairdressers!
Following on from their wildly-received headline set at Londinium's celebrated Lady Luck Club, situated at the former Windmill Club, those charming ponces The Stripchords are pleased to announce their next bill-topping appearance, which will be taking place this Saturday, November 4th.
The Stripchords are to headline a Turning Worm bash entitled "Gutterball - High Teasin!", in tribute to that saucy knave Guy Fawkes, which also boasts turns from former Beatings fella Nick Pankhurst's oddball punk duo, the Creepy Morons, and skronk-blues maestro Honkeyfinger, plus Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs facing-off against The Truckin' Lauras.
Dave and Piers' Turning Worm nights at this subterranean, transplanted vintage bowling alley are always a right crack, and you can enjoy dancing and bowling until 3am!
See you at the bar!
The Stripchords
Gutterball @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Saturday November 4th 2006
Bands: The Stripchords, Creepy Morons, Honkeyfinger
DJs: Sonic Reducer Tag Team Vs The Truckin' Lauras Basement Of Tavistock Hotel, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9EU 7pm, £6"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

According to the calendar it's November. But there are still leaves on the trees? Things are pretty fucked and I just had several goes at uploading an image to no success. Business as usual then. Guess i'll try again later... or maybe this won't post either and there go another few minutes that can't be gotten back.