Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I saw a rerun of a "Later" show the other day. Nick Lowe was on doing "Lately I've Been Letting Things Slide". It seems like my theme song. In fact, things haven't been so much sliding, they've been going backwards almost. That old Father Time guy must have been attending the gym because his currency is fairly rattling in. I can barely keep up. With anything really. The old ISP is playing up again too because I sent some salient information ahead of myself and it still hasn't made it's destination. Some others have had problems getting a message through too.

The malaise ain't exactly treatable but I'm working on it. There is much going on to be inspired by but the daily grind is like some addiction that addles the urge to do much of anything. At least to me. There's a lot of appropriation going on but precious little creativity. Settling for niche is the proverbial triple bluff. Ripe to the point of downright stinky.

I just read Amy Rigby's blog entry for today and I concur with the "what is it for" considerations. Trying to put something up here every day feels like a chore when it should be fun. If I don't then I feel like I'm letting my regulars down. These people need information. The sensory gratification of some cool new (or old) "thing". It rankles me when I go to somebody's page and it hasn't been updated for a month. I'm going to get around to the scoop on what's lying around here musicwise in between dealing with crap that seems to suggest the bunker is falling down upon my napper. And then there's work...