Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just less than one week of May left and it’s been a sair fecht. Streaking by to some degree and positively crawling in otherwise. I feel like I’m creaking under what ain’t exactly strain but rather a need to re-organise how I go about populating this thing. My pathological mechanism to update every other day needs to be reprogrammed to maybe make it every second day. With some kind of dispensation if something noteworthy comes up. That sounds reasonable, right?

It could be the heat. Or the garden stuff. Or both to some degree. Whatever it is, it’s become blindingly obvious that I’m not equipped to be gallivanting on school nights anymore. It’s not even as if there’s any real inkling of partying. Just some nice civilised hanging out with good people, when the alarm went off at 5.35am this morning, it’s lucky that it was out of my reach because it meant that I had to actually shift my ‘arris to get to it. And by then, it was too late. I was up. Not firing on much beyond a half cylinder but up nonetheless. I feel old. And fucked. Neither of these in a good way but it’ll be different next week. I’ve printed my boarding passes for Barcelona and to paraphrase that old Starship cliché – “Nothing’s gonna stop me (now – within reason)”.

Teetering on the edge of nuclear attack or the world cup. Perhaps the de-evolution of the Euro-economy is steaming your bean. Whatever it is, things sure look like all of our jackets are on shaky nails. No point in mithering about it unduly. In light of what’s happening out in Korea, I figured I’d inject a bit of pop levity and a damn good song to boot. I should try to find “Wrap Up The Rockets” by The Freshies too, get a wee bit of a semi- apocalyptic whoosh going.

There seems to be some activity with regard to building upon the tracks that will become the "new" Joey Ramone album. Not sure when it’s likely to see the light of day but it’ll be cool to hear how it turns out. The most important thing is that we get to hear his voice again, by all (reliable) accounts, the vocal performances are really something. I’ll be keeping at least one eye and one ear out for progress on this. Maybe someone might feel like leaving a comment as to how it’s all progressing, if that’s possible.

And on that note, I’m offsky to listen to the spanking new Lola Dutronic EP that Red Star Digital is about to unleash. Laters...

East Coast USA down to Tejas... they're coming to get you!