Monday, May 31, 2010

Much of Englandshire and I think the USA are on holiday today I think?

They’ll all be down the pub or wherever. Many of them well blotto by now. However here in the domain of the heathen, it was business as usual. Gazing out from the day prison at the rather cracking looking blue skies but that, as “they” say is how it goes. Sometimes. Most times to my experience although I am pencilled in for a dose of respite this coming weekend.

In a further skewing of time, there was Tony Blackburn on the wireless playing Be*tles records that he’d have spun on his first time out. I’d just gone down the factory and thought been caught in a timeslip. It’s pretty simple to confuse me right about now anyway but I admit to having done a triple take. A Bank Holiday special treat or the sinister shape of things to come at Radio 2? There’s a lot worse out there that TB though but if there was never another Be*tles record aired, would anybody really care? I mean, the hardcore have multiple copies and boxsets, etc., It’s time to maybe give the rest of us a break.

The Edinburgh Film Festival programme launches at noon tomorrow (June 1st) and then I’ll be able to divulge news of a very happening event that will be taking place at that very event.

Nothing much else to report right now and a fair bit of listening to be undertaken plus my back is giving me gyp. Enough to be going on with,