Sunday, February 12, 2006

Oh dear, the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time.
Of course, everybody is entitled to their opinion but sometimes that angle is just plain wrong. That intrinsic right, in such an instance should be vetoed. Take for instance the somnabulist journalism involved with a swathe of the bozos who have reviewed Amy Allison's new album. One gimp had the audacity to suggest that Catatonica's singer's chalk-board screech was bearable and Amy's unique style wasn't. Leaving the voice aspect to the side for a cotton-pickin' minute, there is NOTHING vaguely listenable about said singer or combo AT ALL. When I come into contact with them, I switch the appliance that is foisting 'em upon me OFF. Leave it for 3 minutes and turn it back on again (sometimes). Anyway, I've sent a note to the cyberpublication that printed said pish, suggesting that the idiot who wrote it be acquainted with the utensil known as the cotton bud.

My faith in just about everything has taken a severe tanking lately. The death rattle of what was once known as the music business is just the tip of a very, what looks like from this position (known as the arse-end), unscaleable iceberg. Still, forward motion must be attempted and that's the direction I intend attempting. It might involve some doubling back. Or a short-cut here and there but I've fucking had it up to here with this holding position. Moving and shaking. Movers and shakers. All trying to pile in to a lifeboat that is going down, down and thrice down.

Somewhere on the flipside, common sense will reign and said idiots will be washed ashore somewhere very far from my line of sight or sense of smell and that's about as upbeat as I can muster at the minute.

Myspace crashed my pc again a wee while ago as I was investigating the Girl Trouble domain. Such occurrances don't buoy the mood.
Readers in Japan should be aware of this, just snaffled from the BMX Bandits site

"Three of us BMX Bandits will be coming to Japan in February 2006 to do some intimate semi-acoustic shows. The three are David Scott, Stuart Kidd and me (Duglas T Stewart). We'll be doing special stripped down arrangements of BMX Bandits songs, including golden oldies and songs off the soon to be released MY CHAIN album (February/ March 2006). You'll also get the chance to see and hear versions of some excellent songs from The Pearlfishers' book of perfect pop. Here are the details of the dates and venues:

14/02/2006 Osaka BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with The Cannanes, Tenniscoats

16/02/2006 Kyoto BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with The Cannanes, Tenniscoats at cafe-independant

17/02/2006 Nagoya BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with The Cannanes, Tenniscoats at Nagoya kd japon

18/02/2006 Tokyo - David Scott solo performance - venue to be confirmed

19/02/2006 Tokyo BMX Bandits, David Scott (The Pearlfishers) with Plectrum, Miniskirt at Shibuya O'nest

We'll have a few special surprises for you so hope you can come along."