Sunday, December 11, 2005

I made a brief, relatively unsuccesful attempt to attempt some Christmas shopping earlier. Not in a busy, bustling metropolis you understand but basically, my retailophobia is accelerating. The condition is now bordering upon apopleptic with no sign of regress in sight. Even in the relatively quiet backwater that I tried, it's too busy. People buying anything and everything to quell an urge to over extend themselves. You get the same crap everywhere now. Market forces have seen to it that conned-sumers like the limited choice. Of course, you can shop on-line but that too is fraught with problems. The fact that you'd have to factor delivery into the fray is, at this point, not really an option. My mind hurts at the very consideration of another patrol but tomorrow, as they say, is another, er, day. Another can o' worms more like...innit?
RIP - Richard Pryor