Sunday, July 15, 2007

Next weekend in Germany - undisputed NBT favourites,
The Boonaraaas!!! and Suzy Y Los Quattro. Blimey!
OK, after an extensive schlep through the EIFF programme, I've come up with a half-dozen items that may appeal to NBT readers. There's plenty more good gear in there if you want to go to the site and have a root about. Some of you who may not have received your printed copy in the post can get on with today's Sunday Herald. I'd like to have the downtime (and the loot) to do the Berlin Alexanderplatz thing but it's not an option...

John Waters: This Filthy World (16th August screening has Q&A)

Comrades In Dreams

Control (The Ian Curtis biopic by Anton Corbijn)

Death Proof (for some reason it's not being shown with Grindhouse but maybe Rose MacGowan will turn up anyway...)


Anita Loos - Retrospective

Saw the Edith Piaf movie yesterday, good film but bloody miserable. She had a hard paper round that woman... time to go into training for spending extended periods in a darkened room. Also on a culture tip, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival...

Hamell on Trial - The Terrorism (of Everyday Life) ----- Book here
Well, I thought it was next week but this much hyped/furore "Free" Prince cd is available with the Mail on Sunday here in the UK today. Any overseas readers who care should give me a holler before noon (gmt) today, the usual bollocks apply in that I doubt you'd want the "newspaper" anyway. I personally wouldn't thank you for the "musical content" either but each to their own and all that. At least for this time on a sabbath am.

Far more down with my jurisdiction is this. (Thanks to Frankieteardrop)

Suicide appear on July 27th 07 @ South Street Seaport, NYC. Entry is free!(Thanks to HT for the tipoff)

Back later if I can put a lid on this sneezing...