Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Frankie Teardrop by Roberto Majan
It’s been a crazy few months and 2017 closes out with the advent of an exhibition in Madrid to mark the 40 calendar years since PUNK, the commodity began to take hold. It’s also a little over that since this malarkey set sail so we’ve all grown older somewhat disgracefully over the years.

We can debate the whys and wherefores down the road but I’m beyond thrilled to be involved with mi amigas and amigos at LA FIAMBRERA where the show will run from Friday December 1st until February 4th 2018.

Alongside a collection of print artefacts, there’s an interpretive strand where artists associated with the gallery have created a piece to reflect what this four letter word means to them. The results are very impressive and I imagine that those graphically closest to NBT hearts will be Shag’s "Smash It Up" and Roberto Majan‘s interpretation of an audience at a Suicide show entitled “Frankie Teardrop”. There’s also a photographic aspect that collects work from some of the most prolific names of the time including Ramones images by Danny Fields and also Ian Dickson, Bob Gruen, Sheila Rock and Ray Stevenson. Limited run signed prints of these will be available to buy at the gallery during the run of the show.

Smash It Up by Shag 
If you find yourself in Madrid then please drop in and have a look. If you’re looking for an excuse to visit a great city and you’ve been umming and ah-ing about where to go then let me tell you that you need look no further.

Stay tuned for news on an important event that’s being planned for the close of the show because you might want to tie that in with your travel plans.