Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I signed up for this facebook thing but have entirely no concept of what it's meant to do or be. Let alone how to operate within it. Maybe I should I enlist in this Second Life carry on also? However, I figure it might be appropriate to try and sort out my so-called existing life on this plane first. That's just a notion mind, it's not necessarily do-able. So if you've contacted me and I've become your "friend" on Faceache then bear with me. I may well never get around to doing anything about figuring out how it works. It's bad enough with myspace which I kind of have a handle on but never seem to be able to establish a permanent link. My ISP sez it's not their fault and to be honest, I don't really care. In the grand scheme, it's really not important and not even in the same postcode as my list of priorities. I just got the The Leftovers "On The Move" today and it's reverberating at a volume that I'm sure is making the neighbours teeth rattle. It's like the anti-Fratellis, god bless 'em so more about that later.

Bunch of info on upcoming shows and stuff to compile for an anticipated bumper post so look out fot that but no holding of breath, OK?

And finally, Sharon Osbourne's auld fella passed away... RIP - Don Arden
Martin Rev... three shows on the West Coast starting tonight in Silverlake... back on the Eastern seaboard on Friday for the South Street Seaport appearance of Suicide.