Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Made it to the finish line. It was looking dicey but the old perseverance went into autopilot. I even made it into work today saving 1 whole annual leave day, a very valuable commodity, particularly in the long stretch to March. The days are fair drawing out again but it ne'er got semi-light until at least 9am today. At one point this afternoon, it looked like summer outside.

Need to attend to supplies and then I think I'm gonna baton down the hatch and treat myself to a Twin Peaks-a-thon. That's the semi-plan, provided I don't succumb to the shivering and shaking as so many people are. It's un-naturally mild and therefore the wee viral beasties will be continuing their field day.

I'll be back and forth electronically. catching up on posts and just generally not having to drive anywhere for more than a week. Only thing on the horizon is that I might try to catch Fangs this coming Sunday at Tuts and of course hooking up with the Rt Hon Oslo ambassador, the Rev. Peter Tjolsen. So, all tolled, the mood is reasonable, might be different when I get back from the supermarket but that's a chance I'll just have to take. Actually, sod it - i'll strike bright and early tomorrow, before the greedy bastards get out and about to scarf up everything as though the shops wouldn't be open for a month. It may come to that in 09 but let's get this one over with first shall we...