Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One thing and another has postponed my blogging in recent days but being that it’s too hot to sleep, I figured that I might as well make it a late night. I’ve usually passed out in front of the TV by now…

Sunday night’s Evie Sands show was fairly well attended given the matinee nature of the timing. Those who took the opportunity saw a lady small in stature maybe but with a voice and persona to match any big hitter. Her set featured old, newish and yet to be recorded. “Anyway That You Want Me” was positively spine-tingling, anybody who didn’t get the chills is presumably clinically dead. I dug the song “Leap of Faith” and it’s “Sweet Home Alabama” undertow. Rounding things off with a rousing “I Can’t Let Go”, I don’t think she could even if she wanted to. Not sure what her band back home would be like but they’d have to go some to hold a candle to this combo. Check out the setlist, etc on the TFC message board.

The Bandits themselves followed through with a very nifty set. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to actually believe that some of these songs are coming from the man that brought us "E102" all those years ago. Tonight saw that song reborn as a burundified stomper and really, the dynamics of recent Bandit performances are a lesson in putting together the ultimate pop confection. What they do has guts, heart and soul. Rachel and Duglas trade off one another like they’ve been doing this forever and the music they make is equally timeless. BMX Bandits circa 2006 are real contenders.

The other reason for my late shift is that I just got in from seeing Blue Öyster Cult at “The Ferry” (formerly the Renfrew Ferry). First time I’ve been in it since the refurb and relocation. Don’t know if I care for the upgrade but let’s not dwell on that. The actual decision to go was only made today. Tickets 20 quid a pop, funds a tad on the boracic side but I figured that for old times sake, and to represent Kim Salmon, then I ought to make the effort. It was good but it wasn’t great. I never cared for “Shooting Shark” or even “Burning For You” for that matter and those should be ditched and replaced with “Astronomy”, “Baby Ice Dog”, “Mistress…” “ETI” - need I yatter on? The drum and bass solos during “Godzilla” simply don’t work. Not in a place where zero in the way of projection is remotely possible. There’s no lightshow, no pyro, because the place is like a mini-sodding-mall. But anyway, there were high points “Last Days Of May”, “This Ain’t The Summer of Love” (I wish The Nomads would resurrect this live!), “Harvester Of Eyes”, “ME262”. The encore was something of a misfire. “I Love The Night” followed by “Hot Rails To Hell”. The sound had gone for a burton by this point. Not sure how or why but I was mourning the lack of “Dominance” and this made things worse. They can still cut it but in small places like this they need to tailor the set but, at least there was no attempt to introduce new material. I wish they could play venues of a size that their best songs deserve and they have a trove more than most. Being on my feet for the whole set almost brought me to my knees. The spirit was willing even if the flesh has taken something of a tabering. I left feeling just a wee bit sad, thinking how the mighty have been side-stepped in place of many lesser acts. It’s verging on Tap-esque but that doesn't seem to have dampened their ability to rock.