Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm hoping that the upcoming Beijing-fest will be such an utter non-event that the Olympics will be banished to some pay per view corner of corporate tosspot-ville for all eternity. Or just some abandoned air shelter or somewhere off my radar altogether. The east end of Glasgow is soon to suffer a similar fate to London for the alleged Commonwealth games in 2014. There could well be a car park planned for where Barrowlands is at present.

For every "athlete" or well meaning sportsperson there are a dozen shyster glory seekers out to fleece any poor blighter they can turn over. Here's another "business model" that is outmoded. A farce that provides so-called politicians and whatever something to use as a smokescreen for seeming to do good for communities going forward. There is no solution to greed and corruption and don't you wish that these drones would think maybe three times about trying to snow people by claiming that winning a couple of poxy medals will help claw back some dignity for this sorry-ass country as it slides ever further into the pan?

I have no problem with people being interested in sports but it's such an insignificant part of the big shakedown. All part of the grinding down process but anyway, there's stuff to attend to so I must bid youse cheerio for the evening.

On matters pertaining to R&R, those Coyotemen hit the road tomorrow.

Don't say you weren't warned...