Friday, January 13, 2006

"Hey Folks

First off, thanks for making our start to the year such a blast! Filthy's was packed to the rafters with kits'n'kittens, all digging the Big Beat (thanks, Mr Freed!) laid by yer ever-lovin' SR Tag Team, plus guest DJ Craig Roythorne, who travelled up from Bristol to spin such gusset-ripping platters as The Shades' Strollin' After Dark ...

January 21st will see one of London's finest purveyors and spinners of vintage vinyl grace the decks at Filthy's, namely Intoxica! / Stag-O-Lee linchpin Nick Brown. Plus, as per, we've unearthed another trove of vintage rock'n'roll footage - this time it's Love TV and promo clips from the '60s plus, ta-daa, The Mummies! Big Beat, big screen!

So gird yer loins, and make it to the bar next Saturday ...

Joss & Joe

Sonic Reducer at Filthy Macnasty's, 68 Amwell St EC1R, 7pm, FREE
Nearest Tube: Angel / Kings Cross"
Not exactly the day to find your Voorhees (or however you spell it) mask has a couple of straps broken... so no killing spree for me this Friday 13th. Anyway don't forget this at the GLASGOW FILM THEATRE on the 15th and 16th at 6.30pm, showing with Frank Macdonald's debut short about The Beauty Shop. That's the group not a favourite hangout.

Screaming Masterpiece (Film, Documentary (12A)

A look at the Icelandic music industry from its roots in eccentric melodies and ancient poetry, through to modern electronica, thrash metal, Sigur Rós and Bjork. A unique piece of musical history recorded in an inspirational documentary endorsed by the likes of Foo Fighters and Damon Albarn.

Iceland/Demark (2005) Ari Alexander/Eric Magnusson Duration: 187 mins.