Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Amy and Eric kick off a short tour of the UK tonight. Try to see them or rather miss them at your peril. Actually there's no conceivable peril involved, you'd just be daft to miss 'em...
I spend a lot of time these days mithering over whether all this cybergubbings is working. Then there's the perrenial myspace (i've been kicked out three times in the past 40 minutes) and also the e-mail falling on it's arse. I'm sure this pc is about to peg it but I don't have the wherewithall (or owt else) to upgrade. Addictive as this computer lark has become, it would be nice to just consign it. Somewhere that it won't taunt me.
Of course, whenever something doesn't work, then I naturally assume that it's my fault and work backwards. Anyway, there seems to be more awry with all this than usual at the minute so if e-mail is bouncing or you can't reach the blog or if you're expecting to hear from me then I don't really know what to tell you except that it's a pisser.
It could all slide off the radar completely at any given second. The will to live is being sucked out of me just thinking about how dependant I seem to have become on this sodding technology.

NBT "official merch" is now available through the good offices of the Rt. Hon Ben Weasel and his new Monona Merch operation. The T-shirt made famous by Joey and Mr W. himself circa The Riverdales was considered punk rockin' enough to meet the criteria and the proprieter certainly has the credentials to call that. Guys shirts available soon, girls T's available now. It would be very cool if any starlet out there could do for this design what Jennifer Aniston did for the MC5. Pretty please?