Friday, March 23, 2007

Somebody reckoned that it was the first day of Spring yesterday. And here comes the weekend that we get diddled out of an hour because of the "clocks forward" malarky. It's the wrong side of Friday but things will accelerate after 4pm so there's little use in carping about it. Check in with you folk later maybe, for now it's time to get rid of Jack Frost's tagging of the m-m-m-motor vehicle...
Destination: Magnetic Field! Tomorrow (Saturday!)

The Fleshtones & The Star Spangles

8pm - $10


2/3 (Clark St. stop)
4/5 (Borough Hall stop)
M/R (Court Street stop)
F/A/C (Jay Street-Borough Hall stop)
F/G (Bergen stop)
From any of those you can walk down to Henry Street (on Montague, Joralemon, Bergen, whatever) and over, or find your way to Atlantic and down (you'll want to head west toward the river, away from Downtown Brooklyn and towards Manhattan). It's approximately six blocks from any of these stops (give or take a block or two).

... and whilst we're on the subject of Super Rock, some news about SWEAT