Thursday, April 15, 2010

This airport thing today is a bit of a to-do. The level of disruption caused by what I’m sure insurance companies will call an “act of god” is pretty much unprecedented. Even in these days of alerts and security hitches. I know that Saturday is some way off but I hope that Wooden Shjips are making their way to the UK by ferry rather than flight that day because they’re talking about this lasting into the weekend.

Volcanic ash? First Iceland stick the boot into the economy and now this. Well, you’ve got to try and laugh at least although I imagine that for anyone caught up in it that might not be entirely possible. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. And then there‘s the first of the 3 US-style political debates on TV here tonight. Don’t know why they just don’t open up the voting there and then and just get this over with.

It’d probably get a bigger turnout because that’s how the plebs like to do things. The £1+ per call charge could be donated to the national debt. No wait, sorry, what am I thinking. 50 quid (Hi Nick!!) won’t make much of a dent will it. Have you seen the expected viewing figures? Total fiction. "Election debate" - The new rock'n'roll? Doubtful but it'll be interesting(ish) just how slidey the whole thing gets. After all, these blighters are competing to see which one gets to take us off the cliff altogether. And I ain't talking that bloke that sings "Wired For Sound"...