Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No time for much of anything tonight. Probably the only person in Scotchland that isn't glued to the TV right now. Some sporting event or other, anyhow... Mr T alerted me to this:

Former Kinks frontman Davies' "Working Man's Cafe" is due for release Oct. 29 in the United Kingdom and Europe on V2. However, on Oct. 21, it will appear as a "covermount" CD with the Sunday Times. The giveaway version will contain 10 tracks, while the retail version will have 12.

In July, rival newspaper the Mail on Sunday issued Prince's "Planet Earth" as a giveaway CD and sold 2.81 million editions, up by roughly 600,000 copies on a typical week.In a statement, Davies claimed that his decision to give away the album was "about reaching as many people as possible. I'm incredibly proud of this LP and am truly excited that 1.5 million copies will be distributed to people who'll hear it organically, the way it was intended. It's an exciting opportunity I couldn't resist."

According to the U.K.'s Audit Bureau of Circulation, the Sunday Times' average circulation between July 30 and Aug. 30 this year was 1.19 million copies. The newspaper retails for £2 ($4.07).

So if any of you folks overseas want to partake then let me know and I'll hopefully be able to sort yer out for the usual cost + postage. Sir Donald Ciccone of San Fran, you're covered.

Oh yeah, and a GREAT Amy Allison review.