Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can you say "wasted opportunity"? Dammit, I just got back from my inaugural EIFF visit of 2007 and I'm not altogether happy. You see, I've been going on about this for weeks. Some folks might even have noticed. The great JW comes to Edinburgh to support this Jeff Garlin directed film of his "stand-up" or whatever you want to call it. I've read some iffy reviews of it but it's pretty great and captures the guy as I believe he is. Sharp as a very sharp tack and vicious. Not so much near the knuckle as indeed up to the elbow. Then comes the much-vaunted Q&A which for want of a better expression did not go well. I've never heard a more disenfranchised, lame affair and who was to blame for this?, the bloody audience. John valiantly tried to steer the ship from running aground several times before thinking to himself, "sod this for a game of soldiers". This should have taken place at The Cameo or at Filmhouse. Not in the soulless portals of sodding Cineworld. Having canvassed hard to put bums on seats for this, I felt a little embarrased. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity with a true genius that was fluffed. And I don't mean that in some double entendre type fashion that the man himself might use. Whoever the guy was that tried to conduct the "interview" was out of his league. Wasn't Mark Kermode available? So, if you're a Waters fan, there's much to dig in the film. Jeff didn't come so that meant no Lar and no Suzie either. What should have been the crowning event of the festival went splat. Let's see how tomorrow pans out...
RIP - Max Roach
It was 30 years ago, etc... but 15 of those past I was in Memphis with Brother Randall and Sister Donna. It was great and then we headed on up to Springfield, more about which later. Seeing that there's a timely new Skele-release on the streets!