Thursday, February 15, 2007

Velvet Tinmine Radio

"This is Ben and I host (what I'm pretty sure is the only radio show) that plays nothing but 70's Glam Rock. Get 'yer boots, put 'yer lipstick and eyeliner on and tune in to 91.3 FM WBNY every Friday from 12 to 1pm in Buffalo, NY or to WBNY.ORG anytime!!!!" (Velvet Tinmine blog)

Link c/o Jos de Groot.
The Hold Steady are on the cusp of perceived mass audience acclaim, A Kaiser Chiefs for the "auld yins" in waiting maybe. Extremely accomplished and flashing strands of skewed pop music history. The preaching style of the singer, Craig Finn, is both entertaining and grating. I haven't heard the albums and possibly don't need to. The throng in Glasgow seemed to be ready to sing and clap along in all the right places. Blimey, there goes Cheap Trick, The Replacements, pomp era BOC and wild and innocent era E-street, Thin blinkin’ Lizzy. Even George Castanza channelling TMBG. They're capable of throwing considerable rock shapes. Guitars skirl but the real deal-breaker is the keyboards. That's what pegs it above your standard shouty indie angst.

The choice of opening bands didn't help. Derivative, not bowfing but utterly unremarkable, laid out the stall for the all-conquering visitors. The New York Fund - terrible name, not altogether bad. had one approximation of Freebird that almost held my attention. The Checks - Dearie me... no bouncing jokes please. All the supposed music bibles tell us that this HS will be huge. My money is on another act with the same initials. But what these guys do have are the ingredients down pat like a high-end ready meal and are a reasonable diversion. I just listened to Craig Finn's appearance on Tom Morton's show from yesterday afternoon (Wednesday if you want to access the Radio Scotland play it again facility). He's on some kind of mission and his combo are like a big blockbuster movie waiting to happen. There's no lasting afterburn but it's kinda fun during it's running time.