Monday, November 02, 2009

Another week, another clutch of niggles. Not least of which is the ongoing glasses predicament. My peepers feel like burnholes in a blanket. Or pissholes in the snow. Whichever you prefer. Maybe a little of both. Add to that, a little ongoing brush with technology and that’s enough to raise the hackles more than a tad. Still it could be much worse and I’m at the crossroads of not being able to rule that out. Guess I’m still a little mellow after Spain. Maybe.

Talking of which, the Fleshtones are starting their Spanish Stroll in Valencia on Wednesday. Incidentally, it's 26 years tomorrow since they played in the home of haggis. Or at least Glasgow. And having trashed Espana, The Yum Yums are landing in Italy right about now. Readers there are urged to check out the show dates and get along to indulge in some pre-Festive season festivities. Believe me, these two ensembles are far more worthy of celebration than the Baby Jesus or whatever. Pretty flippant huh?

And that's your lot for tonight, I've got to go out and see to something that I could see far enough. Still, it could be worse. When I come back, I ain't switching this thing on again until Tuesday AM. He typed confidently.