Thursday, July 02, 2009

Aye, the nights are fair drawing in... I can’t recall it ever being this warm. Not here.

I’ve been elsewhere when it’s been bloody hot but it’s generally bearable. A huge thunderstorm can’t be far away surely? Wow, Dean & Britta and Buddy Greco in one week. Dunfermline is a happening place. I always think of Girl Trouble's "Cold Shoulder" video when I see BG's name these days. Digress? Who me??

I know it takes a bit of effort to go off the beaten track but I really must insist that you make said attempt at getting along to "13 Most Beautiful...." There are all too few genuine special events anymore and I'm not saying that this fine production won't return to the UK, or Scotland for that matter sometime down the pike but it's unlikely to be anywhere near as groovy as this.

Summon the energy and support something that isn't a travelling medicine show designed to fleece you. This is a shindig that you won't ever forget so make the pilgrimage from wherever you are in Scotland. Or further afield, you’ll have a ball.

And as a cool breeze goes, you can always count on Maia...

RIP - Karl Malden