Monday, March 21, 2011

Trying this from a phone. It'll never catch on.

Apparently I saw 35 films at the weekend. By the name it got to yesterday evening and the more prog sections of the Nosferatu soundtrack I was definitely struggling. I kept semi-lucid by trying to figure out whether the last time I saw it the tinting wasn’t something I could recall. And still can’t.

Anyway, the first Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema (to use its full title) was quite the blast. It took a certain amount of stamina and at one point yesterday afternoon I was yay close to bunking off but somehow didn’t. Of course, seeing these old films in a place they would have played first time out makes for a special atmosphere. The Hippodrome is unfettered from normal time and space and I hope that can continue. Everybody that visits it that can will return so I’m sure there’s an excel spreadsheet that can predict exactly when they might have a full house for every screening.

It’s odd because the film that I was going to bump turned out to remind me of Blood Feast. There was definitely a touch of Fuad to the limping convict but there’s no way HGL could have seen this amateur Scots film called “Hair” surely?

The score was composed and performed by kids from local schools. It indicates the chasm between what kids are taught and what is considered education nowadays. With the benefit of hindsight, I might have stuck in a bit better if I’d been confronted with film and music or it’s likely I would have found some other means of veering off the tracks and ending up in this deep rut that I occupy.

The way this country has been sold down the river quite probably presents a slew of new ways of falling through the cracks. Staring down the barrel of being surplus to requirements at any given time, these are just cold hard facts.

In other news, I’ll be in London for a few hours, Wednesday into Thursday for the Matt & Kim blitzkrieg. These two do all their own stunts just like those heroes of yesteryear. In the days before CGI when fakery was at least creative.

Not looking forward to the clocks going forward this weekend. No sir. No madam. I am not.