Wednesday, May 01, 2019


I’ve no idea if you noticed but something was posted on here every day during April. Partly to prove that I could discipline myself to do so and also to mark the 42nd anniversary of NBT. There were no lengthy rants or reviews or any of that, the days for doing that are more or less over but maybe there’ll be some opinion here and there as time rolls on. 

I haven’t decided or indeed given it any more thought beyond typing it just now. The traffic here is way down but I’m surprised there still is any at all to be honest. So thanks for persisting with stopping by. I’m not interested in hashtagging and trying to drum up hits any which way. Fuck that. If anything, I’m trying to extricate myself from all of this. Maybe not completely but the further the better. Here we are om May 1st 2019. Who'da thunk it?