Thursday, May 27, 2010

If I was flush (in the wallet dept.) and possessed of more energy then I’d be heading for tonight’s Heavy Trash show at Stereo in Glasgow. As it is, I’m blessed with neither. The physical dragging of my carcass into either town is problematic at the minute. It’s fine once I’m there but the bit in between, particularly the travel, is a hard slog. The last train palaver is just part of it, often like a zoo, and if you’re not pished it can get pretty annoying. I never am inebriated these days and potentially irritable at the best of times. I could drive to Glasgow and Edinburgh but I won’t. It would have to be an emergency and even then I’d consider alternative options first. Being that our public transport sucks, there’s not much room for manoeuvre on that score.

Today is Mr U’s final Thursday in his particular salt mine. Tomorrow he’ll be set free into the wild and will blaze a trail across the planet in due course. I wish him well with whatever presents itself next. This is the guy that connected me to the Swedish mainline some 27-ish of your earth years ago. Thanks man.