Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It seldom, if ever, comes any better than this...

So what about this No Music Day bollocks then? BBC Radio Scotland seems to have bought into this Bill Drummond chestnut and tomorrow (Wednesday) will be NMD. What will they do with the money they save?

You heard of WMD and where that got us, well I wonder what'll happen as a result of this? Most likely sod all but talk about disenfranchising your audience. But anyway, it's happening and some of the more inspired methods of circumnavigating this stupidity will become apparent throughout the day. No Shite Music Day, I could live with and, of course ,any day without the completely stage-managed "Get It On" is perhaps not all bad, so maybe Drummond has done us a favour on that score.

It's all done under the auspices of appreciating music more by giving it up for a day. Will the common five-eighth give a crap? I expect not. Somebody told me that the idea came from a situation of the brains behind this being in HMV and there was nothing for him to buy or something. It's possibly not even true but if it is, why the hell was he in there? Was Zavvi or whatever it's called, shut? But for part of a one-time institution like the BBC to rubber-stamp such a venture? Now that's simply wrong. And what about we licence payers, don't we get a say?? Not tomorrow but there will be repercussions down around the bend. There have to be, if only in the name of mischief. I hope there will be a no talking day or a no sports day to follow, in the interests of fairness and balance. No compy's and now this. How many more rungs is this once proud "brand" set to slip down? E-mail the BBC in CAPITALS! Tell them that their collective "jaicket" is on a shakey nail and make sure it's the heirarchy that get it in the neck. Divots.

Still not making much progress on the Facebook front. All that biting and attacking by werewolves and other creatures of the nights isn't really doing it for me. It staggers me to think about how much time some folks must spend on there. And i'm not easily staggered but anyway, I'm off now to look at the Skeleclips that I didn't have time to check out this morning.
The Skeletons - new live hootch (link courtesy of Lloyd)